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 According to Taylor, “Each specialist is to be assigned work according to his/her qualities, the employees who possess technical mastery should be involved in planning work whereas those with energy and good health may be assigned execution work.” Name the related principle of scientific management.

1.Functional foremanship

2.Science, not the rule of thumb

3.Development of each and every person to his or her greatest efficiency and prosperity

4.None of the above

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 In today’s world, the flow of goods and services is not only cheap and fast, but reliable and secure. You can order anything you wish from any part of the world. The Internet has been connecting people without any limitations or boundaries in the way of doing business. Identify the concept being described in the above lines.





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 India continues to be a lower-middle-income country along with 46 others, while Sri Lanka has climbed to the upper-middle-income group for the fiscal year (FY) 2020, according to the World Bank’s classification of countries by income levels, released on July 1, 2019. Identify the related dimensions of the business environment.

1.Social dimension

2.Technological dimension

3.Economic dimension

4.Political dimension

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'Infosys recruits candidate from Kirorimal College' is an example of ______________method of one of the sources of recruitment.

1.Campus recruitment

2.Direct recruitment

3.Employment exchange

4.Labor contractors

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A business has to offer a wider choice in purchasing enhanced quality of goods and services in order to maintain an edge over its competitors. The implementation of the new economic policy with liberalisation, privatisation, and globalisation has posed various challenges for the corporate sector. One of the important challenges is explained in the above lines. Identify it.

1. Increasing competition

2.More demanding customers

3.Necessity for change

4.Market orientation

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According to a report by the India Staffing Federation (ISF), India has emerged as the

fifth largest market worldwide in Flexi-staffing in 2018, and the country would have a 6.1 million Flexi-workforce by 2021. It showed that Haryana, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana are the states with high growth potential for Flexi-staffing, but Andhra Pradesh tops the list of states with favourable business environments. Identify the features of the business environment being discussed above.


2.Dynamic nature



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According to Henri Fayol, if this principle of general management is violated, “Authority is undermined, discipline is in jeopardy, order disturbed and stability threatened.” Identify the principle.

1.Authority and responsibility


3.Unity of command


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According to the World Health Organisation, 39% of adults are overweight. Over the last 40 years, the prevalence of obesity has tripled around the world. With over half of consumers drinking at least one sugary drink on a given day, regulations towards the beverage sector are likely to become increasingly onerous. In the U.K., for example, a sugar tax was introduced in 2018 on beverages containing more than 5% sugar. Identify the related dimensions of the business environment.

1. Legal dimension and Social dimension

2.Social dimension and Technological dimension

3.Technological dimension and Legal dimension

4.Political dimension and Technological dimension

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According to this principle of general management, “An organisation should safeguard against abuse of managerial power, but at the same time a manager should have the necessary authority to carry out his responsibility.” Name the principle of management is described in the given statement.


2. Authority and responsibility

3.Unity of command

4.Unity of direction

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According to this principle of scientific management, the employees should be rewarded for their suggestions which results in a substantial reduction in the cost

1.Science, not the rule of thumb

2.Cooperation, not individualism

3.Harmony, not discord

4.All of the above

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An analysis that enables an assessment of the number of humans required in the organization is-



3.Workload analysis

4.Workforce analysis

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Aruna applied for the post of an art and craft teacher in a reputed school in Delhi. After successfully clearing the tests and the interview, she was offered a letter containing the date of joining. Identify the step in the staffing process being described in the above lines.

1. Reference and background checking

2. Selection decision

3. Job offer

4. Contract of employment

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Assertion (A): Under Internal source of recruitment employees get motivated.

Reason (R): Majorly Transfer and Promotion are included in the Internal sources of recruitment.

Choose the correct option from the following:

1.A is correct but R is not the correct explanation of A.

2. A is correct and R is the correct explanation of A.

3.Only A is correct, R is incorrect.

4. Both A and R is incorrect.

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At what managerial level planning is needed?

1.Top level

2.Middle level

3.Lower level

4.All the levels

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Considering the fact that it is difficult to find one single person with all the needed qualities, Taylor suggested the appointment of a specialist through this technique of scientific management. Identify the technique.

1.Standardisation and simplification of work

2.Method study

3. Functional foremanship

4. Motion study

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Electric vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions are emerging as a good alternative to problems like climate change, surging pollution leading to ill health, crude import bill, and energy security. Identify the related dimensions of a business environment.

1. Economic dimension, Legal dimension, and Social dimension

2.Social dimension, Political dimension, and Economic dimension

3.Economic dimension, Technological dimension, and Social dimension

4.Social dimension, Political dimension, and Legal dimension

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For the following two statements choose the correct option:

Statement I: Planning is pervasive.

Statement II: Planning reduces creativity as it is usually made by top management and the rest of the members just implements these plan.

Choose the correct option from the options given below:

1. Statement I is correct and II is wrong

2. Statement II is correct and I am wrong

3. Both statements are correct

4. Both statements are incorrect

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Identify the correct sequence of the steps involved in the selection process.

1.Medical Examination, Contract of Employment, Reference and Background Checking, Selection Decision, Job Offer

2.Reference and Background Checking, Selection Decision, Contract of Employment, Medical Examination, Job Offer

3. Job Offer, Reference and Background Checking, Selection Decision, Medical Examination, Contract of Employment

4.Reference and Background Checking, Selection Decision, Medical Examination, Job Offer, Contract of Employment

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In 2019 alone, Swiggy has launched operations in 300 towns and cities. Swiggy follows a two-step sequence while expanding to a small town. First, it provides more laborious training to restaurants and delivery partners compared to their counterparts in the city. Second, it focuses on building scale in operations and increasing the restaurant’s reach to a larger base of consumers, including optimising kitchens and resource planning among others. Identify the type of plan being described in the above lines.





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In order to boost and double India’s export of goods and services to over USD 1,000 billion by 2025, it is important to lower effective corporate tax rates, bring down the cost of capital and simplify regulatory and tax frameworks. Identify the related dimension of a business environment.

1. Social dimension and Legal dimension

2.Technological dimension and Political dimension

3.Political dimension and Social dimension

4.Economic dimension and Legal dimension

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India’s population is expected to grow under 0.5 percent during 2031-41 due to a decline in fertility rate and an increase in life expectancy. These changes in India’s demography will also have implications such as the proportion of elementary school-going children will witness significant declines, lack of hospital beds, and an increase in retirement age. The related feature of the business environment is described in the above lines is________.

1.Totality of external forces

2.Dynamic nature



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It refers to the employee occupying the position or post for which the person has been selected." Identify the term.





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Kundan Lai joined a food processing unit as a factory worker. Since he was expected to work on sophisticated machinery, he was asked to undergo special training. Identify the training method with reference to the above lines.

1.Vestibule training

2.Apprenticeship training

3. Internship training

4. Induction training

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Name the function of management which bridges the gap between where we are and where we want to go.





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Name the principle of management suggested by Henri Fayol, which advocates that, “There should be good superiors at all levels, clear and fair agreement and judicious application of penalties.”

1.Authority and responsibility

2.Esprit De Corps


4.None of the above

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Name the step in the process of planning which is considered “the real point of decision-making”.

1.Setting objectives

2.Developing premises

3.Evaluating alternatives

4.Selecting the best alternative

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Rahim wanted to start with a stationery app to help students of schools and colleges to provide stationery to them. He felt that students were not able to get the needed stationery easily and hence wanted to provide the stationery directly to students in the school. He listed out the various ways of setting up this business and finally selected the best way to set up this business by developing an app. Suggest what should be the next step for him:

1.Developing premises

2.Identifying the alternative course of action.

3. Implementation of the plan

4.Follow-up action.

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Rahul, sales executive of Mankind Pharma Ltd. Put forth the idea of using artificial intelligence in the marketing of its products which will help in saving time, cost, and energy for both ends. The marketing manager appreciated him but suggested continuing with the already-developed marketing strategy. which limitation of planning is reflected in the above case.

1. Planning is time-consuming

2.Planning reduces creativity

3.Planning leads to rigidity

4.Planning does not guarantee success

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Real Tech Builders has to deliver the flats to its buyers for possession on time. Due to this, there is a sudden increase in workload. Therefore, the company needs to arrange for workers to work at the sites at short notice. The source of recruitment which may be used by the company to tap the casual vacancy is:

1.Direct recruitment


3.Recommendation of employees

4.Employment exchange

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ssertion (A): Expenses on training are the investment for the future.

Reason (R): Expenses on training makes employees able to complete their work in an efficient manner and give the benefit of specialization to the organization.

Choose the correct option from the following:

1.A is correct but R is not the correct explanation of A.

2.A is correct and R is the correct explanation of A.

3.Only A is correct, R is incorrect.

4. Both A and R is incorrect.

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Statement I: Out of training and development, Development is wider in scope.

Statement II: Freshly appointed people need orientation.

Choose the correct option:

1.Statement I and II both are correct.

2.Statement I is correct but Statement II is incorrect.

3.Statement II is correct but Statement I is incorrect.

4. None of these

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The concept of Work-Study techniques includes

1. Time study

2.Motion study

3.Fatigue study

4.All of the above

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The Economic Survey 2019 suggests that psychological biases can be used in the realm of tax compliance. It is in favour of using religious norms such as “dying in debt is a sin” to improve tax compliance. Identify the related dimensions of the business environment.

1.Legal dimension and Social dimension

2.Social dimension and Economic dimension

3.Technological dimension and Political dimension

4.Political dimension and Economic dimension

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The Government of India launched the “Make in India” initiative in September 2014 to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) in 25 sectors. As of April 2015, FDI inflow in India increased by 48% since the launch of the “Make in India” initiative.

Identify the concept being described in the above lines, with regard to an inflow of FDI.





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The Union Cabinet has given an ‘in-principle’ nod to divest stakes in Air India, a wholly government-owned airline. This means the government is willing to shed a substantial portion of its stake and hand over the management of the ailing airline to the private sector. Identify the concept being described in the above lines.





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This technique of scientific management helps in the development of the concept of the assembly line, which is widely used in automobile companies these days as well. Identify the technique.

1.Motion study

2.Standardisation and simplification of work

3.Method study

4.Time study

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Through this principle of management, Henri Fayol guides the managers to exhibit exemplary behaviour and advises that they should not fall into the temptation of misusing their powers for personal benefit at the cost of the general interest of the organisation. Which principle of management is being described in the above statement?

1.Remuneration of employees.

2.Centralisation and decentralisation.

3.Subordination of individual interest to the general interest.


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What may be prepared to show the number of workers required in the factory at peak production times? Select the appropriate word out of the following.





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Which activity will be a futile exercise if it is not acted upon or implemented?





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Which of the following is an example of an objective?

1.Raising sales up to Rs. 5000 crore

2.Giving employment to 1000 people

3.Raising income by 3%

4. All of these

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Which principle of general management advocates that, “Employee turnover should be minimised to maintain organisational efficiency.”?

1.Stability of personnel.

2.Remuneration of employees.


4.Esprit De Corps.

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Which test is helpful in assessing the individual's capacity for learning new skills?

1. Aptitute test

2.Personality Test

3.Interest test

4.Trade test

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Workforce analysis is a part of

1.Recruitment process

2. Selection process

3.Training and development process

4.estimation of manpower requirement

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‘Yo Tummy’ began its business by offering the classic combo of hamburgers and fries. But over time, their customers wanted healthier foods, so ‘Yo Tummy’ responded and began offering healthy alternatives such as salads, fruits, wraps, and oatmeal. If ‘Yo Tummy’ hadn’t responded, they may have lost customers that wanted to eat healthier foods. The above case highlights one of the points related to the importance of the business environment and its understanding by managers. Identify it.

1. It helps in coping with rapid changes

2.It helps in improving performance

3.It helps the firm to identify threats and early warning signals

4. It enables the firm to identify opportunities and get the first-mover advantage

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“Our assets walk out of the door each evening, we have to make sure that they come back the next morning.” This statement relates to which function of management.





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“Plans decide the future course of action and managers may not be in a position to change it.” Identify the limitation of planning indicated here.

1. Planning reduces creativity

2.Planning does not guarantee success

3.Planning may not work in a dynamic environment

4.Planning leads to rigidity.

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