Inheritance mapping
The three strategies
It is possible to define subclass, union-subclass, and joined-subclass
Caching in Hibernate With working object
CacheRetrieveMode controls how Hibernate accesses
Table per class hierarchy
Suppose we have an interface Payment with the implementors CreditCardPayment,
Table per subclass
The three subclass tables have primary key associations to the superclass table so
Table per subclass: using a discriminator
The approach taken by Hibernate is much more difficult to implement, but arguably more correct from.
Mixing table per class hierarchy with table per subclass
For any of these mapping strategies, a polymorphic association to the root Payment class is
Table per concrete class
The limitation of this approach is that if a property is mapped on the superclass,
Table per concrete class using implicit polymorphism
The disadvantage of this approach is that Hibernate does not generate SQL UNIONs when performing polymorphic queries.
Mixing implicit polymorphism with other inheritance mappings
Once again, Payment is not mentioned explicitly. If we execute a query against the Payment interface,
There are limitations to the \\

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