Use of Configuration in Hibernate
Programmatic configuration in Hibernate
An instance of org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration represents an entire set of mappings
Obtaining a SessionFactory in Hibernate
Hibernate does allow your application to instantiate more than one org.hibernate.SessionFactory.
JDBC connections in Hibernate
It is advisable to have the org.hibernate.SessionFactory create and pool JDBC connections
Optional configuration properties in Hibernate
There are a number of other properties that control the behavior of Hibernate at runtime.
Outer Join Fetching in Hibernate
Outer join fetching can be disabled globally by setting the property hibernate.max_fetch_depth to 0.
Use of Binary System and Second Level and Query Cache in Hibernate
In the Hibernate we can use of the Use of Binary System and Second Level and Query Cache.
Logging in Hibernate
We can do the Logging in Hibernate.
Implementing a NamingStrategy in Hibernate
org.hibernate.cfg.ImprovedNamingStrategy is a built-in strategy that might be a useful starting point for some applications.
XML configuration file in Hibernate
The XML configuration file is by default expected to be in the root of your CLASSPATH.
J2EE Application Server integration in Hibernate
Hibernate has the following integration points for J2EE infrastructure:
Transaction strategy configuration in Hibernate
The Hibernate Session API is independent of any transaction demarcation system in the architecture.
JNDI-bound SessionFactory in Hibernate
Hibernate will automatically place the SessionFactory in JNDI after you call cfg.buildSessionFactory().
Current Session context management with JTA and JMX deployment in Hibernate
The easiest way to handle Sessions and transactions is Hibernate\'s automatic \"current\" Session management.

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