Transactions and Concurrency in Hibernate
Transactions and Concurrency in Hibernate
The most important point about Hibernate Entity Manager and concurrency control is that it is very easy to
Entity manager and transaction scopes
To complete this picture you also have to think about database transactions
Unit of work
The challenge is the implementation of this (and other) behavior outside an EJB3 container.
Long units of work
A first naive implementation might keep the EntityManager and database transaction open during user
Considering object identity
This approach leaves Hibernate and the database to worry about concurrency.
Common concurrency control issues
Make sure you understand the implications before making a design decision.
Database transaction demarcation
A JPA application can run in non-managed
Non-managed environment
A call to close() marks the end of an EntityManager.
It also provide a way to mark a transaction as rollback only, ie force the transaction to rollback.
Using JTA
With Container Managed Transactions (CMT) in an EJB3 container, transaction demarcation
Exception handling
The Hibernate entity manager generally raises exceptions which encapsulate the Hibernate core exception.
EXTENDED Persistence Context
In an EXTENDED persistence context, all read only operations of the entity
Container Managed Entity Manager
This is perfect to implement the entitymanager-per-conversation pattern.
Application Managed Entity Manager
It is not legal to call entityManager.joinTransaction() if no JTA transaction is involved.
Optimistic concurrency contro
The use cases we show are in the context of long application transactions but version checking.
Application version checking in Hibernate
The version property is mapped using @Version, and the entity manager will automatically
Extended entity manager and automatic versioning
This pattern is problematic if the persistence context is too big to be stored during user think time,
Detached objects and automatic versioning
The application manipulates the state of detached instances originally loaded in another persistence context

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