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A company wishes to configure Maximo so that meter readings automatically create work orders based on condition monitoring points. The company has already configured the system in Organizational settings and created the appropriate condition monitoring points. What additionally needs to be configured for this be accomplish?

1.Any meter should be added to the asset and the ConditionMonWoGenCronTask should be active e

2.A continuous type meter should be added to an asset and the PMWOGenCronTask should be active.

3.A gauge type meter should be added to an asset and the MeasurePointWoGenCronTask should be active.

4.A characteristic type meter should be added to an asset and the ConditionMonWoGenCronTask should be active.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:54:12

Incorrect meter readings have been taken for gauge meters and characteristic meters. The system administrator has been asked to correct the mistake. How can the meter readings be corrected?

1.Add a new meter reading in the Assets application.

2.Add the correct meter readings in the Meters application.

3.Add the correct meter readings in the Meter Reading application.

4.Add the correct meter readings in the Preventive Maintenance application.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:46:26

A company has a requirement to have labor certificates defined. In which application can this be done?

1. Crews


3. Certifications

4. Qualifications

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:25:04

A company has a requirement to temporarily give a user the privilege to run the application's manual status change actions and specify this in a workflow process. Which of the following actions would be used?





Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:47:45

A company has a work order with 50 separate tasks and 40 of the tasks have been completed. The company would like the remaining 10 tasks grouped with a new parent work order. Which option will group the tasks?

1.Select the task work orders and Create Work Package

2.Select the task work orders Create Job Plan from Work Plan.

3.Create a new work order and add the task work orders on the Plans tab.

4.Create a new work order and add the child work orders on the Plans tab.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:52:06

A company has business units that each have different GL account structures from each other. What needs to be created?

1.One organization for each business unit.

2.One organization with a site for each business unit.

3.One organization with a currency code for each business unit.

4.One organization with different GL account structure definitions for each business unit.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:59:46

A company has users which perform a variety of roles from Planning, Purchasing, Maintenance and Management. The administrator needs to define which security groups to access which KPIs. What application is used for this?


2.KPI Manager

3.KPI Templates

4.Security Groups

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:45:45

A company is using Process Flow Control and wants to change the default values for Flow Start and Flow Complete statuses. Where can these values be configured?

1. System Properties

2.Work Type settings


4. Change Work Order Options action

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:40:59

A company is using Process Flow Control to ensure the tasks are done in the proper order. By default, which status indicated the next task to be worked on?





Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:56:09

A company needs to add the unit of measures for items, tool and services. In which application can this be done?



3.Asset Templates

4.Request for Quotations

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:45:03

A company purchased many non-rotating as well as rotating assets and needs to understand the differences between them. Which of the following are true? 

1.Rotating assets allow for maintaining an inventory of serialized components.

2.Both asset types allow for maintaining an inventory of serialized components

3.Non-rotating assets allow for maintaining an inventory of serialized components.

4.Rotating assets can be held in inventory prior to moving to an operating location.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:49:52

A company requires that laborers record the actual time they spent on a work order. The labor hours recorded are not automatically approved and the company does not want the laborer to have access to the Work Order Tracking application. Which application would the laborers use?


2. Time Sheets

3. Labor Reporting

4.Activities and Tasks

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:35:53

A company wants to ignore storeroom availability for work order status changes. Where is the setting that controls this function?

1.Organizations > System Settings > Work Order

2.Organizations > Work Order Options > Edit Rules

3.Organizations > Work Order Options > Work Type

4. Organizations > Work Order Options > Other Organization Options

Posted Date:-2024-01-06 00:04:24

A company wants to trigger a PM based on a characteristic type meter. How can this be accomplished?

1.Create a master PM and link to the characteristic on the Related Records tab

2.Create a condition monitoring point and specify the PM on the upper or lower limit.

3.Create a PM against the asset and specify the meter on the Frequency tab of the PM.

4.Create an escalation based on the characteristic meter and trigger the PM via an action

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:39:32

A company wishes to create a location that is used during the receiving process when inspection occurs. Which type of location is used?

1.A HOLDING location at the SITE level.

2. A CLEARING location at the ORG level.

3.A RECEIVING location at the SITE level.

4.An INSPECTION location at the ORG level.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:28:53

A custom field has been added to the Work Order Tracking application to identify the inspector for environmental impacts of each work order. What type of role is used to assign the work order to the environmental inspector?


2.Person Group

3.A set of data related to the record

4.A set of data related to the login user

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:23:41

A forecast for a monthly PM has been generated for 6 minutes. A new data has been entered for the second row and saved. When the Process Pending Reforecast  button is clicked, the following error appears: BMXAT0217E-There is no reforecast pending to process. What would cause this error?

1.The reforecast dates are locked

2.The PM is not in the Active status

3. The reforecast cron task is set to run every 3 days

4. The Reforecast Subsequent Dates? checkbox was not checked before the forecast was generated.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:58:26

A forecast has been made for a PM. The decision has been made to delete that forecast. In which case is the forecast blocked from being deleted?

1.A reforecast is pending.

2.The forecast dates are unlocked.

3.A forecast can always be deleted.

4.The forecast dates have been locked.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:37:50

A maintenance planner is in the process of planning time sensitive emergency maintenance work orders for a number of assets where items need to be reserved. What reservation type should be used?





Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:27:50

A master PM can be used to do which of the following?

1. Create a job plan revision.

2. Generate work orders for associated PMs.

3.Create associated PMs for an item's location.

4. Change the status of work orders generated from associated PMs.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:25:47

A planner is creating a list of various types of records that will eventually be added to work orders on the Plans tab to provide technicians with the required components to complete their work. What types of non-set related records can be added?





Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:47:07

A planner needs to combine a number of items to be used regularly that can be tracked by a single item number and issued to work orders. How can this be achieved?

1.Using an item assembly structure

2. Transferring the necessary items to a single bin

3.Changing the item number of each included item.

4.Updating the physical count of the inventory record.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:36:31

A rotating asset has been inspected and approved. The asset is then found to be faulty and needs to be returned to the vendor. What will happen to the asset after it has been returned? 

1.Asset status will change to DECOMMISSIONED

2. Asset record will be deleted after it has been returned.

3.Returned to Vendor checkbox has been selected and made read-only

4.Asset status will change to INACTIVE when there is no inventory balance.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:50:43

A store manager needs to make changes to an asset via the Move/Modify action. Which of the following changes can be made? 



3.Asset's location

4.Class description

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:40:23

A storeroom clerk is processing items to be shipped to various locations. In the Inventory Usage application, while processing one of these items, the Split Usage Quantity dialog is displayed and the clerk selects the Auto-Split option. What is validated?

1. A rotating item is requested and the quantity is more than one

2. The inventory balance for the item is greater than the ordered quantity

3.A lotted item with the same quantity has been selected on another usage line.

4.The quantity in a storage bin already meets the required quantity on the Inventory Usage line.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:51:27

A supervisor has a requirement in Labor Reporting to report labor hours for work that has been completed. What are the options available to report labor?

1.Labor, craft, company, and work order

2. Labor, crew, vendor/contract, work order and ticket

3. Labor, crew, vendor/contract, work order and ticket group

4. Labor, crew, vendor/contract, work order, activity and task

Posted Date:-2024-01-06 00:03:42

A supervisor has a requirement to group labor transactions by work order number while creating invoices in Labor Reporting. How can this be achieved?

1.Check the Consolidate by Work Order checkbox for each transaction

2.Enter the work order number, then enter each associated transaction.

3.Check the Group Labor by Work Order checkbox for each transaction.

4.Create an invoice for each work order, then enter each associated transaction.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:44:21

A user gets an error when trying to move a rotating asset via the Move/Modify Asset action from a storeroom to an operating location. The error message indicates that a rotating asset cannot be moved from a storeroom. Which of the following can accomplish the move?

1. Issue the asset from the Locations application

2.Transfer the asset from the Storeroom application

3. Issue the asset from the Inventory Usage application

4. Issue the asset from the Work Order Tracking application

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:59:05

A user has created a work order against asset ABC. A technician determines that asset ABC is faulty and it needs to be replaced. The technician replaces asset ABC at the operating location with asset XYZ from a repair location. What happens after the swap?

1.Asset locations have been swapped.

2.Asset identifiers have been swapped

3. Inventory locations of the assets have been swapped.

4. The faulty asset ABC status at the operating location gets updated to OBSOLETE.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:30:48

A user has entered a material receipt in error and wishes to correct it. Which action should be performed?

1.Void Receipt

2.Credit Invoice

3.Return Material

4.Cancel Receipt

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:54:52

A user is in the Inventory application and has enabled a record for edit mode. The user performs an operation that does not release it from edit mode. Which operation is it?

1.Save action

2.Moving to Start Center

3.Running a query from the list tab of the application

4.Paging through records by using the Next and Previous links

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:29:44

A user is searching for a classification to add to a record in Work Order Tracking and is unable to find the known existing classification. What could cause this?

1.Work Order record is in WAPPR status

2.User does not see the Classifications application

3. WORKORDER is not a Use With object for that classification

4.The classification is not associated with the work order’s location

Posted Date:-2024-01-06 00:05:40

A user tries to edit a meter in the Manage Meter Reading History dialog in the Assets application but finds that all the fields are read only. Which of these meter types can be modified through this dialog?





Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:52:48

A user wants to create an ad hoc report with details of a set of assets. The user wants to build and display the report content as the final report design is built. What feature enables the user to do this?

1.The Share? field

2.The Public? field

3.The Preview report button

4. The Run and Save Completed Report button

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:56:49

An administrator has a requirement to add a new meter to 100 existing assets that each share a common configuration. Which application can do this with a single action?



3. Item Master

4.Asset Templates

Posted Date:-2024-01-06 00:03:01

An administrator has a requirement to ensure that purchase requisitions have been approved before being able to create purchase orders from them. Which settings control this behavior?

1.Clear the Allow PO Creation From Unapproved PR? checkbox in Purchasing Options

2.Clear the Allow PO Creation From Unapproved PR? checkbox on the purchase requisition.

3.Check the Require PR Approval on PO Creation? checkbox during the creation of the purchase requisition.

4.Check the purchasing option Require Approval to Convert PR to PO or Contract? (checkbox in Purchasing.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:26:39

An administrator has a requirement to update the address of all company records associated with a certain vendor. How can this be achieved?

1.Update the company set with the new address

2.Update the vendor record and select Update Related Vendors?.

3.Update the company template and check the checkbox Roll Down?

4.Update the company master record and check the checkbox Update Related Companies?

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:38:42

An administrator needs to report failures that are occuring on a monthly basis. There is a requirement to use the Failure Class to report these failures. Which applications can accomplish this?

1.Hazards, Precautions, Job Plans

2.Assets, Locations, Work Order Tracking

3.Job Plans, Routes, Work Order Tracking

4.Preventive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Safety Plans

Posted Date:-2024-01-06 00:05:01

An administrator want to create a time based escalation point to evaluate to 30 days in the future. What is the correct value to use in the Elapsed Time Interval field along with the Elapsed Time Attribute?

1.Today + 30

2.Sysdate + 30

3.+30 (positive 30)

4. -30 (negative 30)

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:31:49

An administrator wishes to create company records without first creating company master records. Which setting will allow this functionality?

1. In the Companies applies, check the Create Company Master from Company? checkbox

2.On the company set, check the Automatically Add Companies to CompanyMaster? checkbox.

3. In the Company Master application, uncheck the Bypass Company Master for Companies? checkbox.

4. In the Organizations application, check the Allow Creation of Companies without a Company Master?checkbox.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:57:41

An approved work order has been assigned an incorrect job plan. How do you correct this?

1.Change the Job Plan Revision to the correct revision.

2.Clear the Job Plan field and enter the correct job plan.

3.Create a Follow-up work order with the correct job plan

4.Select Remove Work Plan from the More Actions menu and enter the correct job plan.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:22:56

An engineer schedules a very complex asset report developed in BIRT. The engineer needs to set a feature to be able to retrieve the report contents from within Maximo for very large files that are restricted by the email server. Which feature does this?

1. Direct Print

2.Email with a File URL

3.Email with a File Attachment


Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:24:24

The maintenance supervisor is gathering data to use to build job plans. Only certain job plan will be carried over to the work orders based on the conditions applied. What data can have conditions?

1.Services, Tools, Assets

2. Labor, Tasks, Calendars

3. Labor, Services, Materials

4.Materials, Specifications, Tools

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:37:09

The organizational rules allow for labor hours entered by internal laborers to be automatically approved. An internal laborer records 44 hours of actual labor when only 4 hours were completed. How can this be corrected?

1.Duplicate the work order and delete the incorrect entry

2.This can be edited using the Labor Reporting application

3.Record another labor transaction for that laborer subtracting 40 hours (-40)

4.Record another labor transaction for that laborer subtracting 40 hours (-40) and generate an Invoice.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:48:28

The planner identified that the pump required four widgets as material on the work plan. An electrician was issued a quantity of four widgets from the storeroom and was able to complete the work using only two of the four widgets. The two unused widgets were recorded as returned. How would this be reflected on the Actuals Tab of the Work Order?

1. There would be a single line Item entry with a Transaction Type of ISSUE

2.There would be a single line Item entry with a Transaction Type of RETURN.

3.There would be a single line Item entry with a Transaction Type of ISSUE/RETURN.

4.There would be two line items entries one with a Transaction Type of ISSUE and another with a Transaction Type of RETURN.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:49:10

To minimize Start Center load times, end users can see detailed KPI information from which application?


2.KPI Viewer

3.KPI Manager

4. KPI Templates

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:42:21

What is the reason to specify asset relationships?

1.To deploy assets

2.To design the asset infrastructure.

3.To define a logical connection between separate assets

4.To define how assets are allowed to behave when work is performed on them.

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:35:13

Which delivered report option enables a user to dynamically interact with rendered report content including filtering of data, and changing of graphs, chart sizes and colors?



3.SQL Server

4. QBR Reporting

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:53:29

Which report option provides multiple access points for an end user to run reports including the toolbar shortcuts of Browser View, Direct Print, Direct Print with Attachments and direct access from application dialogs including Work Order Status Change and Inventory Reorder?

1. ERI



4. SQL Server

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:22:11

Which statement is true about routes?

1.A route can only be applied to a work order by a PM.

2.A route's sequence numbers are fixed after it is activated.

3.A route can create work orders for locations or assets, not both

4.Route Stops that become work order tasks cannot have job plans

Posted Date:-2024-01-05 23:41:42


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