IBM Cloud/IBM Cloud Mcq Unit 2 Sample Test,Sample questions

A customer has a large number of backup files that they want to store. The backups are being kept for archiving purposes and will be rarely accessed. Which of the following would provide the customer with the lowest cost storage option?

1.IBM Cloud Backup

2.IBM Cloud Object Storage

3.IBM Cloud File Storage

4.IBM Cloud Block Storage

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A customer is asking about file storage and has mentioned that they have a high number of read and write operations from their application. What aspect of the storage configuration does this refer to?

1.Size of the storage volume

2.Snapshot frequency



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When installing IBM App Connect Enterprise for a shared installation on Linux, which group do users needed to beadded to in order to gain access to the platform? 





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Which editor are the global cache values defined and retrieved from?

1.Graphical Data Mapping

2.Message Flow Mapping

3.Integration Data Mapping

4. Message Data Mapping

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Which VMware offering on IBM Cloud is self-built and configured?




4.VMware Cloud Director

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You are discussing Kubernetes with a customer and they say that they require a cluster which meets their strict security requirement of no public infrastructure and provides them with the highest level of availability. What do you recommend?

1.A single zone cluster on Bare Metal servers

2.A single-zone cluster on Virtual Dedicated infrastructure

3.A multi-zone cluster on Virtual Shared infrastructure

4.A multi-zone cluster on Virtual Dedicated infrastructure

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you are meeting a client that has told you that they need a dedicated connection to IBM Cloud from their data centre for their users to access business critical applications. What service from IBM Cloud do you discuss?

1.Cloud Internet Services

2.VPN Connect

3.Direct Link

4.IBM Cloud Gateway

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You need to talk to a customer and explain the differences between VPC Gen1 and VPC Gen2. Which of the following do you include?

1.Gen2 allows you to secure your servers with Security Groups

2.Gen2 provides network performance up to 80Gbps

3.Gen1 controls network traffic in subnetes with ACLs

4.Gen1 is deployed in single zone regions

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You’re in a meeting and a customer has asked you what a toolchain is. Which of the following answers would be your reply?

1.It’s a set of integrations that support development, deployment, and operations tasks

2.It’s the process of linking together separate VPCs using VPN as a Servicee to enable DR

3.It’s a template for creating archiving rules for objects in IBM Cloud Object Storage

4.It’s a digital ledger where transactions are immutable and public to enhance security

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Your cost-conscious client has a need for virtual server instances to run batch jobs. It doesn’t matter when the jobs run, or if they complete in one run,as they can be restarted from where they left off. What type of IBM Cloud Classic Infrastructure virtual server instance do you recommend?





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