Civil Engineering/Civil Engineering Steel Structures MCQ Sample Test,Sample questions

 rivet hole diameter

1.length shown in drawing + size of weld

2. length shown in drawing + 2 x size of weld

3.length shown in drawing + 4 x size of weld

4. length shown in drawing

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:12:47

A butt weld is specified by

1.plate thickness

2.penetration thickness

3.size of weld

4.effective throat thickness

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:53:57

A channel section has

1. one web two flanges web one flange

3.two webs one flange

4.two webs and two flanges

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:03:45

A steel beam supporting loads from the floor slab as well as from wall is termed as

1.stringer beam

2. header beam

3.lintel beam

4.spandrel beam

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 05:57:37

According to tension field method as web begins to buckle

1. web resists only diagonal tension

2. horizontal component of diagonal compression in web due to shear is restricted by flange

3. vertical component of diagonal compression in web due to shear is resisted by vertical stiffener

4.all the above statements are correct

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:23:51

At a fully plastic section, infinite rotation can occur at

1. constant plastic moment moment

3.constant elastic moment

4.all of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:00:13

Bending compressive and tensile stresses respectively are calculated based on

1.gross area in both cases area in both cases area and gross area

4. gross area and net area

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:52:53

Bolts are most suitable to carry

1. axial tension

2.shear and bending



Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:47:52

Column splice plates may be assumed to act as columns with slenderness ratio




Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:44:37

Economical depth of a plate girder corresponds to

1.maximum thickness of web

2.maximum weight

3.minimum depth

4. minimum weight

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:49:21

For compression members most preferable I-section is

1.heavy beam

2.medium beam

3. junior beam

4.light beam

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:19:03

For connecting circular tubes in tension, the best connection is by

1. using HSFG bolts




Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:16:33

For HSFG bolts, partial safety factor designed at service load and at ultimate load are respectively

1. 1.2 and 1.4

2.1.10 and 1.25

3.1.25 and 1.4

4.1.25 and 1.5

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:41:49

For welded and double laced joints, effective length of lacing is _____ times the actual length.

1. 0.2

2. 0.5

3. 0.6


Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:51:45

Gantry girders are designed to resist

1.lateral and longitudinal loads

2. lateral, longitudinal and vertical loads

3.longitudinal loads and vertical loads

4.lateral loads

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:24:59

Hudson's formula gives the dead weight of a truss bridge as a function of

1. top chord area

2. heaviest axle load of engine

3.effective span of bridge

4.bottom chord area

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:29:25

If a plate with small hole is kept over another plate and the entire hole is filled with weld material, the welded joint is known as

1.butt weld

2.plug weld

3.fillet weld

4.slot weld

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 04:09:25

In a compression member of a truss, consisting of double angle, tacking bolts should be provided at a distance not more than

1. 500 mm

2. 600 mm

3. 1000 mm

4.1200 mm

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:18:14

In designing connection between web plate and flange plate, shear stress is calculated using moment of inertia of flange plate only

2.half the web plate and a flange plate

3.web plate and flange plates

4.web plate only

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:19:50

In roof trusses bracings should be provided at top chord level in the

1. last but one end panel using angles

2.last but one panel using flats

3. end panels using angles

4.end panels using flats

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:13:51

In the design of a connection of tension member to a gusset plate, the principle to be followed is

1.In the design of a connection of tension member to a gusset plate, the principle to be followed is large portion of it as is possible is connected

3.section should be compact

4.all the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:14:20

In the virtual work method, the virtual quantity is





Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:27:33

Lacing and battening of columns is to increase _____ of column.

1.section modulus

2.least radius of gyration

3.sectional area

4.none of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:58:38

Load carrying capacity of compression member depends upon

1. end condition

2.slenderness ratio

3.cross sectional area

4. All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:35:25

Load factor is

1.sometimes greater than factor of safety

2.always greater than factor of safety

3.always less than factor of safety

4.always equal to factor of safety

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:19:32

Maximum spacing of lacing bars shall be such that the maximum slenderness of the main member between consecutive lacing connection is not more than





Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:43:42

Maximum width of steel plates manufactured are

1. 1 m

2.1.5 m

3.2.5 m

4.3.5 m

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:17:25

Minimum edge distance specified by the code should be maintained to avoid

1. rupture of plate

2. crushing of plate

3.shearing of plate

4. both b and c

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:15:06

Minimum edge distance, in case of hand flame cut edges, shall not be less than _____ times bolt hole diameter.



3. 1.9


Posted Date:-2022-09-28 04:07:49

Minimum thickness of rolled steel flats available is

1.5 m

2.6 m

3.8 m

4.10 m

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:39:06

Racking force on a steel railway bridge is due to

1.lateral movement of the train when moving on a straight track

2.resistance offered by the bearing to the movement at the roller end

3.braking effect

4.tractive effect of the driving wheel

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 05:59:04

Rolled steel tubes are referred by their

1.average diameter

2.outer radius

3. inner diameters

4.outer diameters

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:15:51

Steel tanks are mainly designed for

1.water pressure

2.earthquake forces

3.wind pressure

4.weight of tank

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:56:42

The advantage of steel structure is

1. speed of construction is high

2.quality is assured

3.needs less space

4.all the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 04:05:11

The beam sections in which the extreme fibre in compression can yield stress, but cannot develop the plastic moment of resistance, due to local buckling are classified as

1.compact sections

2. semi-compact sections

3.slender sections

4.plastic sections

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:37:59

The best arrangement to provide unified behavior in built up steel columns is by

1.perforated cover plates


3. perforated cover plates


Posted Date:-2022-09-28 04:13:41

The bracing provided in the plane of end posts is called

1.bottom lateral bracing

2. top lateral bracing

3.sway bracing

4.portal bracing

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:16:51

The capacity of the smallest pressed steel tank is

1.1000 litre

2.1650 litre

3.1950 litre

4.2450 litre

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 05:50:59

The code does not suggests reduction factor for shear capacity in the case

1. if the joint is too long

2.if number of bolts exceeds a specified number

3.if the grip length is large

4. if packing plate thickness exceeds 6 mm

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:40:41

The effect of axial force and shear force on the plastic moment capacity of a section are decrease the plastic moment capacity in both cases increase the plastic moment capacity in both cases increase and to decrease the plastic moment respectively decrease and to increase the plastic moment respectively

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:18:13

The effective diameter of a river is taken as

1.rivet hole diameter – 1.5 mm

2.rivet hole diameter + 1.5 mm

3. rivet hole diameter

4.nominal diameter of rivet

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:10:30

The effective length of a fillet weld should not be less than

1.penetration thickness

2.size of weld

3.two times the weld thickness

4.plate thickness

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:02:15

The forces acting on the web splice of a plate girder are

1. axial and bending forces

2. shear and bending forces

3.axial forces

4.shear and axial forces

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:55:13

The moment curvature relation at a plastic hinge is

1.constant curvature for all moments

2.constant moment for all curvatures



Posted Date:-2022-09-28 05:56:36

The most economical section for a compression member is

1.hollow circular




Posted Date:-2022-09-28 04:10:41

The stress at which a material fractures under large number of reversals of stress is called

1. residual stress

2.ultimate strength

3.endurance limit


Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:37:07

The successful introduction of _____ bolts resulted into replacement of rivets.




4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:12:49

The use of tie plates in laced columns is

1.permitted between two parts of the lacing

2. permitted at start and end of lacing system only


4.not prohibited

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:31:46

The weakest plane in a filler weld is

1. the one normal to the throat

2.the one along the throat

3. a side normal to the force

4. a side parallel to the force

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:30:33

To connect members subjected to dynamic loads which one of the following type of bolts is preferable?

1.HSFG bolts

2.Turned bolts

3.Black bolts

4.Both b and c types

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 04:06:30

When the two columns to be spliced are of slightly different size

1. bearing plates are used

2.milled end and bearing plated are used

3. filler plates are used

4. milled plates are used

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:22:34

Which of the following conditions is to be satisfied both in elastic and plastic analysis?

1.yield condition

2.equilibrium condition

3.mechanism condition

4.plastic moment condition

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:20:54

Which of the following sections should preferably be used at places where torsion occurs?

1. box type section section

3.angle section

4.any of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:15:39

Which of the following types of riveted joint is free from bending stresses?

1.butt joint with single cover plate

2. butt joint with double cover plates

3. lap joint

4. none of these

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:32:59

Which one of the following is not a flexible connection of beams?

1. stiffened seated connection

2.unstiffened seated connection

3. framed connection

4.web angle connection

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 04:12:18

Which one of the following is not a variable action?

1.earthquake loads

2.handling erection loads

3.self weight

4.wind loads

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:20:43

Which one of the following is not an advantage of bolted connection over welded connection?

1.alterations in connections can be made easily in the field

2. making joint is noiseless

3.connection can be made easily

4.accommodates minor discrepancies in dimensions

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 03:21:45

Which one of the following is not limit state of serviceability?

1. loss of stability

2. fire



Posted Date:-2022-09-28 06:08:53

Which one of the following is not the advantage of HSFG bolt?

1. no slip takes place in the joint

2.bolts are not subjected to shearing and bearing stresses

3.the load transfer is by shearing stresses

4. less stress concentration

Posted Date:-2022-09-28 04:03:29


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