Civil Engineering/Fluid Mechanics MCQ Sample Test,Sample questions

1 pascal pressure is equal to

1. 1 m water pressure

2.10.01 m water pressure

3.0.01 m water pressure

4.0.0001 m water pressure

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:56:55

A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant is called

1.Turbulent flow

2.Steady flow

3.Streamline flow

4.Unsteady flow

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:49:34

A Newtonian fluid is defined as the fluid which

1. obeys Newton's law of viscosity incompressible and viscous

3. is compressible and non viscous highly viscous

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:59:26

Apart from inertia force, which of the following forces is most important in motion of submarines under water?

1.surface tension force

2.compressive force

3.gravity force

4. viscous force

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 15:04:57

Dimension of dynamic viscocity is


2. MLT-2

3. ML2T-1

4. ML-1T-1

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:54:50

Equation of continuity is based on the principle of conservation of



4.none of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 15:05:42

For measuring small difference of pressure

1.mercury manometers are used

2.micromanometer is used

3.differential manometer is advantageous

4. simple manometer is preferred

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 15:09:37

Maximum loss of head in flow through pipe is due to

1. an outlet


3.sudden contraction

4.sudden enlargement

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 15:00:54

Newton's law of viscocity states that shear stress is directly proportional to

1.Velocity gradient


3.Shear strain


Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:53:47

Stoke is the unit of

1.Kinematic viscocity

2.Dynamic viscocity

3.Specific volume

4.Specific weight

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:53:01

Surface tension is a

1. force per unit volume

2.force per unit surface area

3.llne force

4.all the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 15:08:24

The atmospheric pressure at sea level is

1.360 mm of mercury

2.600 mm of mercury

3.660 mm of mercury

4.760 mm of mercury

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:48:47

The depth of flow of water in a channel corresponding to the minimum specific energy is known as

1.Hydraulic gradient line

2.Hydraulic radius

3.Critical depth

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:52:09

The dynamics of fluid in which normal stresses and shear stresses in all the three mutually perpendicular directions is considered is known as

1.Bernoulli's theory

2.Euler's theory

3.Reynolds theory

4.Navier-Stokes theory

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:51:11

The motion of air mass in a tornado is a

1.forced vortex at centre and free vortex outside vortex at centre and forced vortex outside

3.forced vortex motion vortex motion

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 15:04:04

The property of water to wet a solid surface when it comes in contact is known as

1.Capillary action

2.Vapour pressure


4.Surface tension

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:55:43

The reciprocal of coefficient of compressibility is know n as

1.bulk modulus of elasticity

2.capillary action


4. vapour pressure

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 15:07:08

The science that considers the forces causing flow of fluids is known as

1.Statics of fluid

2.Dynamics of fluid

3.Kinematics of fluid

4.None of these

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:50:22

The viscosity of a gas

1. is independent of pressure for very high pressure intensities independent of temperature

3. increases with increase in temperature

4.decreases with increase in temperature

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 15:02:00


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