Civil Engineering/ Highway Engineering MCQ Sample Test,Sample questions

A basic requirement of intersection at grade is

1.the relative speed should be high

2. the area of conflict should be small should clearly guide the driver

4. the relative angle of approach should be high

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A channelization island should have

1.equal radius at entry and exit

2.small entry and large exit radius

3.large entry and small exit radius

4.large entry and exit radius

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A pavement is classified as flexible or rigid based on its

1. base

2.wearing course



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Camber is provided in the road for

1.Getting least stopping distance

2.Getting better sighting distance

3. Effective drainage

4.Counteracting the centrifugal force

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Critical load position in a rigid pavement design is taken as

1. interior loading

2.interior, edge and corner loading

3.edge loading

4.corner loading

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:38:44

Dowel bars are used in rigid pavements prevent warping take care of temperature stresses distribute pressure on base

4. all the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:48:19

Enoscope is used to find speed mean speed

3.time mean speed

4.average speed

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:14:41

For designing highways, IRC recommends the coefficient of friction as





Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:42:52

For earthen roads in heavy rainfall area common camber is

1.1 in 05

2.1 in 25

3.1 in 33

4.1 in 60

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:46:05

For highways width of formation in plan area is

1. 9 m

2.12 m

3.15 m

4.18 m

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:33:11

For rapid curing cutbacks, the oil used is

1. heavy diesel

2.light diesel

3.kerosene oil


Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:12:16

From CBR chart recommended by IRC thickness obtained is

1.Including wearing coat and 20 mm aggregates courses

2. Including wearing coat but excluding 20 mm aggregate coat

3. Excluding wearing coat but including 20 mm aggregate course

4. Excluding wearing coat and 20 mm aggregate courses

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:28:36

In case of hill roads, the extra widening is generally provided

1.fully on the inner side of the curve

2.fully on the outer side of the curve

3.equally on inner and outer sides of the curve fourth on inner side and three fourth on outer side of the curve

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:17:51

In steep terrain ruling gradient is limited to

1. 1 in 12.5

2.1 in 17

3.1 in 20

4.1 in 25

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:42:50

IRC recommends spacing between two consecutive expansion joints should not be more than

1.90 m

2.110 m

3.120 m

4.140 m

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:04:08

Joints in concrete roads are filled with

1. cork bound with bitumen

2. impregnated fibre boards

3. impervious elastic materials

4.any of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:20:10

Length of a vehicle affects

1. clearance to be provided under structures such as over bridges, under bridges etc

2. width of shoulders and parking facilities

3.extra width of pavement and minimum turning radius

4.width of traffic lanes

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:35:37

Length of the transition curve is decided on the basis of

1. higher of the above

2.rate of change of radial acceleration

3. time rate

4.rate of superelevation

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:41:55

Longitudinal joints in rigid pavements

1.take care of the unequal settlement of the sub grade in laying out concrete in convenient widths

3.divide the pavements into lanes

4.all the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:45:28

Minimum of 8 m width and 2 m wide shoulders on the following roads are recommended

1. EH, NH and SH

2.NH and SH

3.EH, NH


Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:18:50

Most suitable material for highway embankment is

1. organic soil



4.granular soil

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:11:29

Mostly used road in India is

1.Concrete road

2.Black top road

3.WBM road

4.Earthen road

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:27:06

Percentage of free carbon in bitumen is

1.equal to that in tar

2. less than that in tar

3.more than that in tar

4.none of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:36:51

Recommended right of way for highways in open areas is

1.30 m

2.40 m

3.45 m

4.60 m

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:01:55

Sight distance at intersection should be equal to

1.Enabling the approaching vehicle to change speed

2.Enabling approaching vehicle to stop

3.Enabling the stopped vehicle to cross a main road

4.Highest the value of a, b and c

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:37:20

The camber of road should be approximately equal to

1.half of the longitudinal gradient

2.longitudinal gradient

3.two times the longitudinal gradient

4.three times the longitudinal gradient

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:33:58

The factor influencing camber is

1.amount of rainfall

2. nature of subsoil

3.type of wearing coat provided

4. topography of the area

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:09:05

The general requirement in constructing a reinforced concrete road is to place a single layer of reinforcement the middle

2.near the bottom of the slab

3.near the top of the slab

4.equally distributed at the top and bottom

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:10:51

The general requirement in constructing a reinforced concrete road is to place a single layer of reinforcement the middle

2.near the bottom of the slab

3.near the top of the slab

4.equally distributed at the top and bottom

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:10:51

The instrument used to study spot speed in traffic engineering is

1. Enometer


3.Speed recorder


Posted Date:-2022-09-22 12:04:43

The length of vehicle controls the design of

1.Overtaking distance



4.All the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:31:52

The longest road constructed during the time of Shershah Suri was from

1.Lahore to Agra

2.Lahore to Patna

3.Lahore to Delhi

4.Lahore to Kolkata

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:35:55

The main object of a preliminary survey estimate cost of alternative alignment finalise the best alignment

3. to collect the necessary physical information and details of topography, drainage and soil properties

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:49:42

The most economical lighting layout which is suitable for narrow roads is

1.single side lighting

2.central lighting system

3.staggered system

4.none of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:13:23

The order in which a road is built is

1. sub-soil, sub-grade, sub-base, base

2.sub-base, base, sub-grade, sub-soil

3.sub-soil, base, sub-grade, sub-base

4.base, sub-soil, sub-grade, sub-soil

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:58:32

The road connecting a city to highway is called

1.collector street

2. local street

3.sub arterial street

4.arterial street

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:44:17

The sequence of survey in a road project is

1.topographic, preliminary, reconnaissance and detailed

2.preliminary, reconnaissance, topographic and detailed

3.reconnaissance, topographic, preliminary and detailed

4.topographic, reconnaissance, preliminary and detailed

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:47:17

To overtake a vehicle going at 40 kmph on two lane highway OSD is

1. 150 m

2.165 m

3.200 m

4.250 m

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:08:02

Traffic volume is

1.number of vehicles passing through a section of road in either direction in unit time

2. maximum number of vehicles passing a given road section in unit time in one direction

3.number of vehicles per unit length of road

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 13:41:48

Transition curves are required to

1. improve aesthetic appearance of the road

2. enable driver to turns steering gradually

3.enable gradual introduction of superelevation

4.All of the above

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Warning signs are on plates of _____ shape.





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When bituminous surfacing is done on already existing black road the type of treatment to be given is

1.apply seal coat

2. tack coat coat

4.spraying emulsion

Posted Date:-2022-09-22 14:06:24

Which of the following premix method is used for base course?

1. bituminous bound macadam

2.sheet asphalt

3.bituminous carpet

4.mastic asphalt

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Which one of the following is not a informatory sign?

1.Name of destination

2.Name of road

3.Speed limit

4.Cross road ahead

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Which one of the following is not a type of transition curve used?

1. cubic parabola




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