NCERT Class 9/Class 9 English Moments Chapter 8 A House is not a Home Sample Test,Sample questions

How long did it take to blow out the fire?

1. two hours

2. three hours

3.four hours

4. five hours

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:35:12

In the begging how does the author fed in the new high school?




4.all of the above

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Mention the words which express the author’s embarrassment.


2.geek and strange

3.weird and backpack


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:47:15

What changed Zan’s perception of life and made him accept his new life?

1. his new friends’ compassionate behavior

2.arrangement of all basic necessities by his classmates

3.when his new friends started inviting him to their place

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:44:35

What did the author lose in the fire?’ shoes


3.bag and -books

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:29:52

What did the teachers of the old school tell Zan?

1.graduall, he will adjust and accept his new school

2.they will support him

3.they will help him

4.None of the mentioned

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:41:16

What did Zan notice while doing his homework? was jumping

2. cat was sleeping

3.smoke pouring through the ceiling

4.None of These

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 08:19:36

What is a house?

1. a building which people use to live

2.a place

3.a property


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 08:22:48

What is most precious according to this lesson?

1.a well furnished house of love and care amongst the members of a family

3.a house

4.None of These

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 08:21:57

What was the author did when he saw smoke pouring in through the window?

1.playing in the courtyard

2.doing his homework

3.taking his meal

4.Watching Television

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:37:12

What was Zan doing when fire broke out?

1.was playing

2.was in neighbourer’s house

3.was sleeping

4.was doing his homework

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 08:20:47

Where did the author and his mother spend their night OM- the fire accident?

1. in the house of grandparents the house of neighbours the fire brigade building

4. in the author’s school

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:33:20

Where did the author run when the fire broke out? his neighbour’s house his grandparents

3.on the roof


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:40:17

Where did the author’s mother run and why? the backyard of their house to save few precious memories their neighbours the roof


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:38:59

Who caught the author when he rushed after his mother in the burning house?

1.a policeman

2.a neighbour

3.a fireman

4.a friend

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:36:08

Who made a collection of money for the author?

1.the students in the new high school

2. the teachers in the old primary school

3.neighbours workers

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:26:40

Who used to wake up the cat?

1.Zan’s mother

2.Zan’s aunt



Posted Date:-2022-08-31 06:45:30


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