NCERT Class 9/Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 The Happy Prince Sample Test,Sample questions

What did his courtiers call him when he was alive?

1.The Happy Prince



4. Lord

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What did Swallow do to be with Happy Prince?

1.helped him flying here and there

2. stopped flying to distant places

3.sacrificed his trip to Egypt

4.All of the above

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What did the Happy Prince say about the Sapphires in his eyes?

1.He said they were rare sapphires.

2.He said they were brought out of India a thousand years ago.

3.Both a and b above.

4.Neither a nor b.

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What did the Happy Prince say was more marvellous than anything?

1.The sapphires in his eyes.

2.The suffering of men and women.

3.The beauties of nature.

4.The beautiful things in his palace

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What did the swallow do before he fell down dead?

1.He kissed the Happy Prince on his lips.

2.He told the Happy Prince that he was going to the House of Death.

3.Both a and b above.

4.Neither a nor b.

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What did the swallow notice while flying over the city?

1.plight of the poor and greed of the rich

2. many people and their plight

3.many poor people

4.many waste things

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What does the Happy Prince ask the little swallow to take to the poor lady?

1. an orange

2.a sapphire

3. a ruby

4. a bag of coins

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What happened as the little swallow was going to sleep?

1.a cool breeze blew

2.the clouds thundered

3.a large drop of water fell on him

4. the statue began to shake

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What happens when the Swallow dies?

1.Leaden Heart of the Prince was broken into two pieces

2.Prince cried

3.Prince cried

4.People cried

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What was the body of the Happy Prince gilded with?

2.silver leaves

3.thin leaves of brass

4. thin leaves of gold

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What was the profession of the woman who was sitting in her cottage with prickled hands?





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What were two little boys doing under the archway of a bridge?

1.They were lying in each other’s arms to keep themselves warm.

2.They were waiting for the swallow to bring them some gold.

3.They were hungry and were begging for food.

4.They were trying to hide from the watchman

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Where did the little swallow take the ruby to? the palace

2. to the seamstress’ house Egypt


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 04:04:59

Where did the Swallow die? the city

2. under the fountain the feet of the Statue

4. in a house

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 04:40:10

Where was the little swallow going Egypt India Cylons Syria

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 04:37:09

Who did the Happy Prince send his second sapphire for?

1.For the poor match-girl.

2. For the poor seamstress.

3. For the poor playwright.

4.For the mayor of the city.

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Whom did the Happy Prince send the Ruby to?

1.Seamstress- a poor woman

2.a man

3.a beggar


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 05:03:27

Whom did the Prince send the sapphire to?

1.matchgirl and young writer across the city

2.poor lady

3.a beggar

4.None of These

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Why did Happy Prince give away all his assets? eradicate misery and sorrow from his city show his power show his richness

4.None of These

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 04:58:31

Why was the boy tossing on the bed?

1. because of fever

2.because of hunger

3.because of cold

4.because of thirst

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Why was the Happy Prince weeping? sec the condition of the see the sorrows and little swallow town sufferings of the people of his sec his ugly body

4.None of these

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Why was the Prince called happy?

1.because he never cried

2.because he was very lucky

3.because he had everything

4.because he always smiled and was living in palace of happiness

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Why was the Swallow not ready to move to Egypt?

1. Because Happy Prince became blind

2.because of kindness of Happy Prince

3.Because Happy Prince would be alone


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Why were Prince and the Swallow so precious?

1. because of their kindness and selflessness

2.because of their services

3. because they had many possessions

4.they were rich

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