NCERT Class 9/Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4 In the Kingdom of Fools Sample Test,Sample questions

According to the guru whose behavior is unpredictable?



3.foolish people’s


Posted Date:-2022-08-30 09:54:23

After the thief’s death who ran to the king for justice?

1.the thief’s brother

2. the merchant

3. the disciple

4.the mason

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How did Guru realize his disciple’s plight and reach to save him in the kingdom?

1.with his magical power and vision

2.a disciple informed him

3.a spy helped him


Posted Date:-2022-08-30 09:59:20

How did the bricklayer save his life? putting the blame on the merchant putting the blame on the dancing girl putting the blame on a hawker

4. by putting the blame on his father

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:18:08

How did the goldsmith save himself?

1. by putting the blame on merchant’s father putting the blame on the dancing girl

3. by putting the blame on is workersr


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:17:02

How did the merchant escape from the punishment?

1.with his wisdom saved him

3.his friends saved him

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:22:32

How was the night changed with day?

1. people would work at night and sleep during day

2. by lighting the kingdom

3. by decorating everything


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:29:48

In the Kingdom of Fools when did the people sleep?

1.during the day

2.during the night

3.after six months

4.they never slept

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 09:52:27

In whose house did the thief break into?

1.the minister

2.the disciple

3.a rich merchant

4.the goldsmith

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It was decided to hang the disciple in place of the merchant because………………

1. he was the real culprit.

2. he had not followed his guru’s advice.

3.he was living in the town illegally.

4.he was fat enough to fit the stake.

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On what condition did the guru agreed to be the next king?

1.if his disciple would be a minister

2.if he could order without thinking

3. if old laws are changed


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The bricklayer said he couldn’t build the wall right because……………

1.a dancing girl kept looking at him all day.

2.a dancing girl kept talking to him all day.

3.a dancing girl kept going up and down the street all day.

4.he could not keep his eyes and mind on the wall due to the jingling anklets of a dancing girl who kept going up and down the street all day.

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:10:22

The king said that the merchant had inherited……….

1.his father’s riches.

2. his father’s sins.

3.his father’s riches as well as sins.

4.None of the above.

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:09:00

The merchant told the king that his name was …………

1.such and such. and such

3.such and so and so.

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:11:10

What argument did the king present to punish the merchant?

1.He inherited his father’s sin in the same way as he inherits his wealth

2. He must sacrifice for his father’s sake

3.He must accomplish his father’s half done works


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:15:19

What did everything cost in the Kingdom of Fools?

1.a duddu

2. two duddus

3.five duddus

4.ten duddus

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:18:18

What did Guru tell the king?

1.That he was great

2.that whosoever would die first the god king of justice would be happy and would give

3.him a chance reborn as a king

4.that his sacrifice would bring fortune to the place

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 09:58:22

What did the king and the minister decide to do?

1.they decided to give money to everyone

2. they decided to change the day into night and night into day

3. they decided to change their capital

4.they decided to punish all the wise men in their kingdom

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 09:53:34

What is the message of the story?

1.foolish people are unpredictable and dangerous

2.kings are dangerous

3.gurus are wise

4.have good friends

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:32:20

What killed the thief after the loot?

1. a man stabbed him

2.a knife

3.wall of the old house fell on his head and killed him


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:23:24

What kind of story is this?

1.A folktale

2.a mocktale

3.a humorous

4.a serious

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:51:45

What was the disciple’s opinion about living there?

1.he wanted to live there and enjoy good

2.he did not want to live there and cheap food

3.he was afraid of the fools

4.all the options are correct

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:17:10

Who broke into the merchant’s house?


2.silly minister


4.a thief

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:24:08

Who did the bricklayer hold responsible for making a weak wall?

1.the rich merchant

2.the dancing gir

3.the disciple

4.the minister

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:12:03

Who did the king decide to execute in place of the merchant?

1.a man who became fat because of eating

2. a poor man

3.merchant’s relative

4.None of These

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 10:00:20

Who did the king summon for the first time?

1.the disciple

2. the thief’s brother

3.the merchant

4.the mason

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:13:46

Who left the city?


3.silly minister


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:24:58

Who reached in the Kingdom of Fools

1.a guru and his disciple

2.two thieves.

3.two young men

4.two tradesmen

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:20:13

Who visited the kingdom?

1.a guru and his disciple

2.a king from another kingdom

3.a merchant

4.a princess

Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:28:42

Who was made the new king after the previous king’s execution?

1.The guru.

2.The Disciple.

3.The king’s minister.

4.The king’s son.

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:07:14

Who was summoned next to the rich merchant?

1. the bricklayer

2. the dancer

3.the goldsmith

4.the disciple

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 08:12:53

Who were the idiots?

1.king and his minister




Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:30:39

Why did the king and his ministers decide to go for the stake themselves?

1. because of Guru’s words and their greed to take the benefit themselves

2.people’s words’s cunning words’s plight

Posted Date:-2022-08-30 09:57:11

Why was the guru initially happy?

1. because of the capacity of buying all things at a nominal price

2.because of the change systems

3.because of the foolish people


Posted Date:-2022-08-31 03:27:45


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