NCERT Class 9/MCQ Questions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 1 The Lost Child with Answers Sample Test,Sample questions

At what point in the fair did the child lose his parents?

1. At the sweetmeat-shop.

2.At the flower-shop

3.At the balloon-sellers.

4.At the roundabout

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How did the flowering mustard-field look?

1.White like silver.

2.Red like a rose

3. Pale like melting gold.

4.Lovely like a rainbow.

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How did the generous man try to calm down the child?

1. showing him different toys

2. taking him to rides

3.talking to him and diverting his attention

4.All of the mentioned

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How were the people dressed for the festival?





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The child wanted to have balloons yet he walked on. Why?

1.He knew his parents would never buy him the balloons.

2.He knew his parents would say he was too old to play with such toys.

3.Both A and B above.

4. Neither A nor B.

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What did the child do when he realized that he had lost his way?

1. cried and ran here and there

2.felt happy

3.reported to the office

4. none

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What did the child realize?

1. The fair was charming

2.the toys were attractive

3.that parents are the most valuable asset

4.None of the mentioned

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What did the child say as they passed by sweetmeat-shop?

1.He said, ‘I want that burfi.

2.He said, ‘I want that jalebi

3.He said, ‘I want that rasagulla.

4.He said, ‘I want that gulab jamun

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What did the child start doing when a shower of young flowers fell on him?

1.He started collecting the flowers from the ground.

2.He started gathering the raining petals in his hands.

3.He started dancing with joy.

4.He started climbing up the flowering tree

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What did the child want to eat at the fair?

1. Burfi




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What did the child want to have at the flower shop?

1.A garland of roses.

2.A garland of violets

3.A garland of gulmohur.

4.A garland of lilies.

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What did the father do when the child said, “I want that toy.”?

1.He at once bought the toy for the child.

2.He said, “Look, child, what is before you.

3.He looked at the child red-eyed.

4.He began to beat the child.

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What did the lost child say when a man asked him, “Whose baby are you ?”

1.The child said, “I want my father, I want my mother.”

2.The child said, “I want to go home.”

3. The child said, “I live in a village.”

4.The child said, “I am feeling hungry.

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What did the parents do when they reached a shady grove?

1.They collected some flowers for the child.

2.They lay down to rest for some time.

3.They sat down on the edge of a well.

4.They listened to the cooing of doves.

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What did the parents say when the child lagged behind?

1.‘Come, child, come.’

2.‘Come, or you’ll be lost.’

3.Come, have these toys.’

4. ‘Come, we’re getting late.’

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What does the child’s refusal to all the attractive things show towards the end?

1. child lost his interest

2.child’s obstinacy of love between child and parents is above everything.


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What does the story show?

1.working of a fair

2.working of a village

3.village people are good

4.working of a child’s mind

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What is the theme of the story?

1.Close bonding between parents and children

2.village people are good

3. we must go to village fairs


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What shop was there at the entrance of the fair?

1. A toy shop.

2.A balloon shop

3.A- sweetmeat-shop.

4.A flower shop

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Who said to the child, “Come, child, come, come on to the footpath.”?

1.The father.

2.The mother

3.Both the father and the mother

4.Neither the father nor the mother.

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Who was the little boy going with?

1.With his father

2.With his mother.

3.With his father and mother.

4.None of the above

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Why did the child lag behind his parents?

1.because of the stops he took to look closely at his favourite things

2. because he was walking slow

3.because he was crying

4.All of the mentioned

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Why did the child say “No” to all the things he was earlier crying for?

1. lost interest

2.his interest was changed

3.because being with parents was more important


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Why were the parents holding the hand of their child? protect him from the crowd

2. because of their fears

3. to help him

4.None of these

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