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 Amazon Web Services falls into which of the following cloud-computing category?
 Platform as a Service
 Software as a Service
 Infrastructure as a Service

1.Platform as a Service

2. Software as a Service

3.Infrastructure as a Service

4. Back-end as a Service

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 Which of the following is not an aws cloud platform service?

1. Analytics


3. Mobile Services

4.Internet of Things

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 Which of the following statements is not true about cloud computing?

1. Cloud computing typically decreases your operating expenses.

2.IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are examples of cloud computing service models.

3.Cloud computing resources are usually limited to specific geographic regions.

4.Three cloud computing deployment models are public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

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28. Amazon web services is which type of cloud computing distribution model?

1. Platform as a Service

2. Software as a Service

3.Infrastructure as a Service

4.None of the above

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Amazon Cloudformation is a ___________.

1.Application service

2.Networking service

3. Content delivery service

4. Deployment and management service

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Amazon s3 is an example of ________.

1. CDN




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Amazon S3 offers encryption services for ........................ .

1.Data in Flight

2.Data in Motion

3.Data in Rest

4.Both 1 & 2

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File and storage services falls into which of the following basic role categories

1. Application Services

2.User Services

3.System Services

4.None of these

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Which of the following is not true about amazon glacier?

1. Services enables rapid disaster recovery

2. Optimized for data that is infrequently accessed

3.Optimized for data for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable

4. Secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup

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Which of the following statements is true of cloud-based hosting? gives little visibility over the security being used to protect data.

2. It gives greater control over physical location of the data

3. It makes scaling up to meet the demands of increased traffic difficult

4.None of These

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