Business Analyst/Business Analyst Mcq Sample Test,Sample questions

A Business Case document contains the following EXCEPT:

1.Cost-benefit analyses

2.Time estimates it would take to break even

3.Potential impact of new project on existing business operations

4.Meeting schedule for stakeholders

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Business Analysis and Project Management have the following job specifications in common EXCEPT:

1.They are both aware of the overall project's goals and objectives

2.They both communicate with stakeholders

3.They can both begin at any time in the project lifecycle

4.They are both involved in the development of viable solutions

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Which of the following techniques does a Business Analyst NOT utilize to gather information from stakeholders?

1.Interviews and facilitated discussion

2.Document and process analyses

3.Case modeling

4.Discussions with product suppliers

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Which one of these is NOT a good habit of successful Business Analysts?

1.Communicate with stakeholders only once during Business Analysis

2.Work collaboratively with Project Managers

3.Are clear about their roles and responsibilities

4.ntegrate creativity and critical thinking in their work

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Why is role and process clarity important when initiating Business Analysis?

1.Why is role and process clarity important when initiating Business Analysis?

2.So that the company can limit billing hours

3.o that Business Analysts are clear about their roles and responsibilities

4.So that project team members don't have to be accountable

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