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 If adrenaline is used with local anesthetic in a finger block, which drug can be used to reverse vasospasm?





Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:45:49

 Which is not a complication of succinylcholine?

1.histamine release

2.masseter spasm

3. malignant hyperthermia

4. hypotension

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 14:20:47

 which of these induction agents increases ICP?





Posted Date:-2022-07-23 14:19:31

 Which statement is incorrect with regards to the plantar surface of the foot?

1. it is mostly supplied by the posterial tibial nerve

2. the saphenous nerve is blocked between the medial mallelous and tibialis anterior

3.often two nerves need to be anaesthatised for an adequate block

4.the sural nerve is blocked inferior to the lateral malleolus

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:52:34

 Which statement is incorrect with regards to ulnar nerve blocks at the wrist

1. the ulnar nerve lies lateral to the artery

2.the ulnar nerve lies lateral to flexor carpi ulnaris

3.the site of needle insertion is directly lateral to flexor carpi ulnaris

4.lignocaine with adrenaline can be used safely

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:50:35

For a median nerve block at the wrist the needle is inserted

1.lateral to flexor carpi radialis

2.directly lateral to palmaris longus the medial border of palamaris longus

4. through palmaris longus

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:48:08

the absorption from highest to lowest is

1.intercostals, peripheral nerve, subcutaneous

2.subcutaneous, peripheral nerve, intercostals

3.. peripheral nerve, intercostals, subcutaneous

4.intercostals, subcutaneous, peripheral nerve

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:46:37

The recommended local anesthetic dose for intercostals blocks is what percentage of maximum forperipheral blocks?





Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:47:17

Which is a false statement with regards to nitrous oxide?

1.when supplied as Entonox, it is 30% oxygen and 70% nitrous oxide

2. it does not cause hypoxia when used as entonox does not cause significant depression or loss of airway reflexes D. s is a clear, odourless gas

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 14:18:34

Which is an incorrect statement with regards to TAC? is nuch more effective on scalp and facial wounds than extremities

2. application is for 1 hour minutes to achieve sufficient local anaesthesia

3. It must be kept in a locked cupboard

4. It should not be used in wounds where adrenaline is contraindicated

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 14:22:52

Which is false with regards to intra oral nerve blocks?

1.the technique is similar to that for a lingual nerve block

2. and inferior alveolar nerve block will anaesthatise the chin and lower lip

3.a lingual nerve block will anaesthatise the anterior two thirds of the tongue plus the floor of the mouth and the gums

4. in such block the needle is inserted two cm along the lateral border of the ramus of the mandible

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:55:53

Which is not a feature of the non-depolarising neuromuscular relaxant mentioned?

1.. pancuronium – tachycardia, long half life

2.atracurium - short half life

3.rocuronium – short duration of onset (1-3 mins)

4.vecuronium – brief increase ICP

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 14:21:47

Which is the least likely adverse effect of CPAP?

1. increase ICP



4. increase CO2

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 17:46:22

Which is the least likely adverse effect of CPAP?

1. increase ICP



4. increase CO2

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 17:47:23

Which statement is incorrect?

1.the nail bed of the middle finger is supplied by the median nerve

2. the nail bed of the fifth finger is supplied by the ulnar nerve

3.the total anaesthetic agent which should be used in a finger block is 4 ml

4.the dorsum of the whole hand distal to the DIP is supplied by the radial nerve

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:51:42

With regards to local anesthesia of the oral region which is incorrect? anaesthasise the chin and lower lip a mental nerve block or an inferior alveolar nerve block can be done intra oral mental nerve block is done where the lip meets the gum at the level of the first pre molar external mental nerve block can be done in the same region

4.local anaesthetic with adrenaline should not be used

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 13:54:12

With regards to non invasive ventilation, CPAP, which is false? recruits collapsed alveoli

2.. it prevents alveoli collapse increases FEV1 improves FRC

Posted Date:-2022-07-23 14:24:30


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