Economics/Indian Economy for Competitive Examinations Sample Test,Sample questions

A Committee on Tax on Agricultural Wealth and Income recommended a progressive Agricultural Holding Tax (AHT) in 1972.What is the name of this committee?

1.Bhootlingam Committee

2. K N Raj Committee

3.Wanchoo Committee

4.Khusrau Committee

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A new private bank is established under which of the following?

1.Banking regulation Act 1949

2.Companies Act 1956

3.RBI Act 1934

4.All the above

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Ad Valorem Tax is levied on the basis of which among the following?





Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

An economy is at the take off stage on its path to development when it

1.becomes stagnant

2.begins steady growth liberalized

4.gets maximum foreign ad

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At which of the following places was the mining of coal started in 1774?





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In which of the following years were the cocking coals and non-cocking coal mines in India nationalized?

1.1971 and 1972 repetitively

2.1972 and 1973 respectively

3.1973 and 1974 respectively

4.1970 and 1972 respectively

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Minor ports like Kakinada Machilipatnam Bheemunipatnam and Krishnapatnam are in which of the following states?

1.Tamil Nadu

2.Andhra Pradesh


4. Karnataka

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Strategy 2020? is a Long-Term Strategic Framework developed by which among the following International Banks?

1.Asian Development Bank

2.World Bank

3.International Finance Corporation


Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

The aim of which of the Five Year Plans was to correct the disequilibrium in the economy?

1.First Five Year Plan

2.Second Five Year Plan

3.Third Five Year Plan

4.Fourth Five Year Plan

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Where is located the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection of Agriculture Ministry of India?

1.New Delhi




Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which among the following correctly denotes Capital Adequacy ratio ?

1.(Tier I Capital )divided by Risk weighted assets

2.(Tier I Capital + Tier II Capital )divided by Risk weighted asset

3.(Tier I Capital ? Tier II Capital )divided by Risk weighted assets

4.(Tier II Capital )divided by Risk weighted assets

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which among the following in India provides refinance to State Level Finance Corporations / State Industrial Development Corporations / Banks etc. against their loans granted to small scale units?

1.Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

2.National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

3.Asian Development Bank

4.Reserve Bank of India

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which among the following is considered as a pioneer of Credit Rating?

1.J Moodys

2.MIB Group Inc

3. Fitch Group

4.Duff & Phelps

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which among the following statement is incorrect regarding Land Development Banks?

1.They are cooperative institutions

2.They meet the needs of the farmers for development purposes

3.They have three tier structures

4.They grant loans on mortgage security

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which Indian state has the largest number of cotton textile mills?

1.Madhya Pradesh

2. Maharashtra


4.West Bengal

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which of the following Five Year Plans recognized human development as the core of all developmental efforts?

1.Eighth Five Year Plan

2.Seventh Five Year Plan

3. Fifth Five Year Plan

4.Third Five Year Plan

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which of the following is the basic characteristic of Oligopoly?

1.a few sellers one buyer

2.a few sellers many buyers

3.a few sellers a few buyers

4.many sellers a few buyers

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which of the following organizations provides Buffer Stock Financing Facility ?

1.Reserve Bank of India

2.Asian Development Bank

3.International Monetary Fund

4.World Bank

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Which of the following plans aimed at improving the standard of living?

1.Third Plan

2.Fourth Plan

3.Fifth Plan

4.Sixth Plan

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35

Who was the first administrator-statesman to attempt planning as a means for economic development?

1.Sir CP Ramaswami Aiyyar

2.M Viswesvarayya

3.VT Krishnamachari

4. C Rajagopalachari

Posted Date:-2021-01-20 18:14:35


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