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How To Exit Wrapper?

To remove the wrapper, click on any of the links on the menu of the parent page.

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How To Remove The Pathway Or Breadcrumbs?

If you want to eliminate your pathway permanently, you have to edit your html (index) file, which will normally look like this:

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What Are Some Real World Examples Of What Joomla Can Do?

Joomla is used all over the world to power Web sites of all shapes and sizes.

For example:

Corporate Web sites or portals. Corporate intranets and extranets.
Online magazines, newspapers, and publications.
E-commerce and online reservations.
Government applications.
Small business Web sites.
Non-profit and organizational Web sites.
Community-based portals.
School and church Web sites.
Personal or family homepages.

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What Is The Difference Between Joomla And Drupal?

Drupal use smarty template where as on the other hand. Joomla dose not
Joomla uses plugin and modules whereas Drupl has module only
In drupal php code can be written directly whereas in
Joomla you need to install plugin for php support
Drupal is SEO Friendly whereas in Joomla you need to buy a plugin.
Drupal use smarty where as Joomla use his own code format.
In Druapl we can create multiple website with single installation.

Joomla! Features: Completely database driven site engines

News, products or services sections fully editable and manageable.

Topics sections can be added to by contributing authors.

Fully customizable layouts including left, center and right menu boxes.

Browser upload of images to your own library for use anywhere in the site.

Dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting booth for on-the-spot results.

Runs on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX server, Solaris and AIX.

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How Do I Remove The Page Title From The Front Page Of My Site?

First log into the administrative back end.

On the top menu click “Menu”->”mainmenu” Click “Home”.
On the right side of the screen in the parameters section, locate the “Page Title” parameter that is next to the radio buttons “Show” and “Hide”.
Click the “Hide” radio button.
Click the “Save” button to make your change permanent.

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What Determines What Is Shown On My Frontpage?

Frontpage is a component that is part of the core of Joomla!, like the front page of a newspaper, it shows (usually) multiple pieces of content arranged in some way.

When you install Joomla! the front page component is by default set as the homepage of your site (that is it is the first link on your Main Menu) but front page does not have to be your “home” page.

What exactly appears on the front page and how it is laid out is controlled in two ways. First, if you open the menu link in your menu manager in the backend there are numerous parameters that control the number of items shown, the number of columns etc.

To control which items are shown you must also indicate that an item should be placed on the front page by editing the parameters for the content item. In the backend this will be indicated by a check mark in the front page column of the list of content items.

In addition, you can use the front page manager (in the content menu of the backend) to control the publication dates and other variables for content items that are on the front page.

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How Do I Change The Favicon?

The joomla favicon is stored in the /images folder. The file is called favicon.ico. By definition a favicon must be 16×16 pixels. If you wish to use your own favicon, rename the default joomla favicon.ico file and put your file with that name in the images directory.

Alternatively, you can change the favicon in the Joomla! global configuration Site tab (on the bottom).

Depending on your browser, you may not see the icon immediately. This is because the favicons are cached, which is why they can appear in your bookmark list. So, to see your favicon, you will need to clear your browser cache.

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In Joomla how you can change the images in your template?

To change the image in your template, go to

Go to Site.

Select template manager and then select your template.

Click the icon for html.

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Explain how you can install an extension in Joomla?

From the backend of your Joomla site ( administration ) select installers and then the type of extension ( component, mambot/plugin, module, site template and so on )

First browse for the package file.

Click the install icon.

Follow instructions.

For large extension, you cannot use the automated installer. In such case

Unzip all the files locally.

In the install directory transfer the files to a folder.

Then use installer to install the file.

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What web services does Joomla Support?

Joomla supports Remote Procedure Calls and XML-RPC services

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Is Joomla a Blog?

Joomla can be used as a blog, but it way more powerful and feature rich compared to full-blown blog systems like WordPress. Joomla should be preferred when your requirements are more than just blogging.

Posted Date:- 2022-03-03 07:38:53

In Joomla what determines the homepage?

Joomla does not have html pages as such it is a database driven CMS (Content Management System), but rather pulls up the pieces of pages from a Mysql database. When you install Joomla by default, it has a menu link to the frontpage component as the home page. However, any component or content or another link can be used as a “home” page.

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Explain what are the drawbacks of Joomla?

The drawback of Joomla are

<> At times Joomla’s code can become messy, this will make page loading time longer
<> Its architecture limits how many levels of sub categories can be created

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In Joomla how you can change the images in your template?

To change the image in your template, go to

<> Go to Site
<> Select template manager and then select your template
<> Click the icon for html

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What database system does Joomla supports?

Joomla supports MySql database

Posted Date:- 2022-03-03 07:35:48

How you can install an extension in Joomla?

From the backend of your Joomla site ( administration ) select installers and then the type of extension ( component, mambot/plugin, module, site template and so on )

<> First browse for the package file
<> Click the install icon
<> Follow instructions

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What are content items, section and categories in Joomla?

Contents are the html pages which are managed by admin, and it may have rich text, CSS, JavaScript, Images, links to internal or external pages.

While contents are categorized in categories, for example X category have zero or more contents pages

While categories are again classified in section, means 1 section have zero or more categories

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Is there any possibility with Joomla to control a desktop application?

Most of the CMS ( Content Management System ) is considered as a web applications. However, even desktop application can also be communicated with Joomla server by following the standard protocols.

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Which file does the index.php file load to provide a menu bar to the administrator interface?

Toolbar.php file is loaded by index.php file to provide a menu bar to the administrator interface

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To set the site meta-data for the installed website which option will you choose?

To set the site meta-data for the installed website, you have to choose “Global Configuration.”

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What happens if you set the SSL enabled option to on?

The link from the menu will begin with an https:// if you set the SSL enabled option to on

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How many files are required to built module in Joomla?

<> mod_module_name.php
<> mod_module_name.xml

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In Joomla cms what is the file where database setting are stored?

Database setting are stored in the root directory under configuration.php

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What are the advanced features or add-ons in Joomla that can be useful for the developer?

Joomla framework enables developer to build quickly and easily

<> Inventory control systems
<> Data reporting tools
<> Application bridges
<> Custom product catalogs
<> Integrated e-commerce systems
<> Complex business directories
<> Reservation systems
<> Communication tools

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By default what is the prefix Joomla have?

Joomla have prefix like jos_

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What are components in Joomla?

Components are core elements of Joomla’s functionality. These core elements include content, banners, contact, polls, news feed and web links.

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How you change favicon?

By accessing global configuration site tab, you can manage favicon and upload a new favicon from there.

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Where can you see the use of Joomla frequently?

Joomla is frequently seen in

<> Corporate web sites or portals
<> Corporate intranets and extranets
<> Online magazines, newspapers and publications
<> Non-profit organizational web sites
<> Community-based portals
<> Personal or family homepages

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Explain what are Joomla Modules?

Modules are small content items which can be displayed anywhere in websites by assigning positions in the template.

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