Data structure Example & Tutorial understanding programming in easy ways.


Singly Linked List Data Structure in C

Singly Linked list is the linear data structure

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Circular Linked List in data Structure

Learn About the Circular Linked list

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Doubly Linked List in data structure

Learn Various Operation on doubly Linked list

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Array Data structure

Array is the collection of similar data types

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String Data structure

String are the collection of the character and have null at last

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Stack Implementation by array

Implementation of stack data structure by array

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Stack implementation by Linked list

Stack is the linear data structure that follow LIFO operations

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Linear Queue Implemented by Array

Queue is the linear data structure which follow FIFO operations

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Queue Implementation by linked list

Queue is linear data structure that follow FIFO operations

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Searching Algorithm is the tool to search any item in sequence of element

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Sorting Algorithm in Data structure

Sorting is perform on the sequence of element to sort them in either increasing or decreasing order

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Circular Queue in Data Structure

Circular Queue is restricted form of linear Queue

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Tree & Graph Data Structure

Tree and graphs are the non-linear Data structure

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Binary Search Tree in Data structure

Binary Search tree is the in which at each level every node have value between left child value and right child value

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Complexity in Data Structure

Basically, complexity of any algorithm show the efficiency of algorithm

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