Azure Paas Interview Questions for Freshers/Azure Paas Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Do scale sets work with Azure availability sets?

Yes. A scale set is an implicit availability set with 5 fault domains and 5 update domains. Scale sets of more than 100 VMs span multiple placement groups, which are equivalent to multiple availability sets. An availability set of VMs can exist in the same virtual network as a scale set of VMs. A common configuration is to put control node VMs (which often require unique configuration) in an availability set and put data nodes in the scale set.

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What are Network Security Groups?

A network security group (NSG) contains a list of Access Control List (ACL) rules that allow or deny network traffic to subnets, NICs, or both. NSGs can be associated with either subnets or individual NICs connected to a subnet. When an NSG is associated with a subnet, the ACL rules apply to all the VMs in that subnet. In addition, traffic to an individual NIC can be restricted by associating an NSG directly to a NIC.

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Which is the core unit of the Azure networking component?

Virtual Networks are the core azure networking components as it is responsible for all the vital administrative functions. VN has full control over IP addresses assignments and name resolution. Azure networking component plays a key role in providing administrators with full access to security settings. Routing rules for movement of data from one machine to another are determined by the Azure virtual networks.

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What are Fault Domains?

A fault domain is a logical group of underlying hardware that share a common power source and network switch, similar to a rack within an on-premise data-centers. As you create VMs within an availability set, the Azure platform automatically distributes your VMs across these fault domains. This approach limits the impact of potential physical hardware failures, network outages, or power interruptions.

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What is the purpose of using an application partition scheme in Azure?

An application partition aims to reduce the replication traffic within a specific domain area.

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Explain cspack in Microsoft Azure

Cspack is a command-line tool which generates a service package file. It also helps you to prepares an application for deployment, either in compute emulator or Microsoft Windows Azure.

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Explain lookup transformation

Lookup transformation helps you to finds outsource qualifier. It may be either active/passive lookup transformation.

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What the important requirements when creating a new Virtual Machine?

The length of the user name should not more than 20 characters, and it should not end with a period.

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What is the use of VNET?

With the help of VNET, you can represent your network within the cloud. It could insulate the instance logically which are launched within the cloud.

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Can you create VM by using Microsoft Azure Resource Manager in a Virtual Network?

No, it is not possible to create a virtual machine using the Azure Resource Manager.

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State the difference between a library and a list

The library is an interface which allows to manage and store a document which can be created using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

On the other hand, the list is the representation of the item in a tabular format using column and rows. It can be attached with documents.

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What is the step you need to perform when drive failure occurs?

When there is an instance that the drive has failed, the following step should be performed:

* The drive should be not mounted, which allows the object Azure storage to function without fail.

* The second scenario is replacing the drive in which the desired step will remounting, formatting the drive.

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What is MOSS?

Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) that consist of a complete version of the portal platform. It allows a user to manage, share and even create the document.

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What is the Service Model in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing providers offer their services according to three fundamental models: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) where IaaS is the most basic and each higher model abstracts from the details of the lower models.

* Examples of IaaS include Amazon CloudFormation (and underlying services such as Amazon EC2), Rackspace Cloud, Terremark, Windows Azure Virtual Machines, Google Compute Engine. and Joyent.

* Examples of PaaS include Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Foundry, Heroku,, EngineYard, Mendix, Google App Engine, Windows Azure Compute, and OrangeScape.

* Examples of SaaS include Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, and Onlive. Source from.

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What is Azure Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The Azure Compute SLA guarantees that, when you deploy two or more role instances for every role, access to your cloud service will be maintained at least 99.95 percent of the time. Also, detection and corrective action will be initiated 99.9 percent of the time when a role instance’s process is not running.

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Which of the features are provided only with Microsoft Azure active directory premium p2?

The premium P2 version of the Azure AD has features of Identity Protection and governance.

Identity protection – Vulnerable and risky account detection, event investigation and conditional access policies.

Identity governance – Privileged Identity Management, Access reviews, and entitlement management.

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State the difference between copy and shortcut

Copied means transferring an object from one to another folder which takes double space. The shortcut is a dynamic Link on an object which saves the space which shows changes in the original object.

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What is a cloud service deployment?

A cloud service deployment is an instance of a cloud service deployed to the Azure staging or production environment. You can maintain deployments in both staging and production.

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What is a service definition file?

The cloud service definition file (.csdef) defines the service model, including the number of roles.

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What are deployment environments?

Azure offers two deployment environments for cloud services: a staging environment in which you can test your deployment before you promote it to the production environment. The two environments are distinguished only by the virtual IP addresses (VIPs) by which the cloud service is accessed.

In the staging environment, the cloud service’s globally unique identifier (GUID) identifies it in URLs ( In the production environment, the URL is based on the friendlier DNS prefix assigned to the cloud service (for example,

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What is a guest operating system?

The guest operating system for a cloud service is the operating system installed on the role instances (virtual machines) on which your application code runs.

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What are the different cloud deployment models?

Explanation: Following are the three cloud deployment models:

Public Cloud: The infrastructure is owned by your cloud provider and the server that you are using could be a multi-tenant system.

Private Cloud: The infrastructure is owned by you or your cloud provider gives you that service exclusively. For eg: Hosting your website on your servers, or hosting your website with the cloud provider on a dedicated server.

Hybrid Cloud: When you use both Public Cloud, Private Cloud together, it is called Hybrid Cloud. For Example: Using your in-house servers for confidential data, and the public cloud for hosting your company’s public facing website. This type of setup would be a hybrid cloud.

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What are the main functions of the Azure Cloud Service?

The main functions of the Azure Cloud Service are;

* It is designed to host the running application and at the same time manage the background running application.

* The application of web processing is termed as “web role” whereas the background processing is termed as the “worker role”.

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What is meant by PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS?

These are the basic terms while dealing with the cloud services and are commonly asked in an Azure interview:

* PaaS stands for Platform as a Service that enables you to get a platform to deliver without directly giving authorization to the OS software.
* SaaS stands for Software as a Service is devoid of platform infrastructure software that can be used without direct purchase.
* IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service which enables you to get the hardware from the provider as the desired service which can be configured by the user.

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How many customers subscriptions allowed in managed disks?

The number of managed disks subscription is limited to 2000.

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Name the types of web application which can be deployed with Azure

ASP.Net, PHP, WCF are a type of web application which can be deployed with SQL Azure.

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What is Azure Redis Cache?

* It is an open-source, in-memory Redis cache system provided and maintained by Azure.
* It helps the web applications to improve the performance by fetching data from the backend database and storing it into the Redis cache for the first request and then fetching data from the Redis cache for all subsequent requests.
* Azure Redis Cache provides powerful and secure caching mechanisms by making use of the Azure cloud.

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Explain Availability Set

It is a logical grouping of Virtual Machines. It allows the Azure cloud to build understand how the application for a user is built to provide availability and redundancy.

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Explain the term ‘service fabric’ in Azure

Service fabric is a middleware platform which gives more scalable outcome. It mostly renders with a more managed and reliable enterprise.

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What is Azure Resource Manager?

Azure Resource Manager is a service provided by Azure to provide management and application deployment in Azure.

The resource manager provides the management layer that helps the developer to create, modify or delete the resources in the Azure subscription account. This feature comes in handy when we have requirements like managing access controls, locks, ensuring the security of the resources post-deployment, and organization of those resources.

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Define Azure Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The Azure SLA is a contract that ensures or guarantees that when two or more role instances of a role are deployed on Azure, access to that cloud service is guaranteed for at least 99.95% of the time.
It also states that if the role instance process is not in the running state, then the detection of such processes and corrective action for the same will be taken 99.9% percent of the time.
If the mentioned guarantees are not satisfied at any point in time, then Azure credits a percentage of monthly fees to us depending on the pricing model of the respective Azure services.

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Explain role instance in Microsoft Azure

A role instance is a virtual instance on which the application code and role configuration run. A role can have multiple instances, which are defined in the service configuration file.

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What is HDInsight in Microsoft Azure?

HDInsight is a could service which that makes it easy. It is fast and cost-effective to process a massive amount of data using with the help of open-source frameworks like Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Storm and R. HDInsight offers various type of scenarios which includes ETL, data warehousing, and Machine Learning.

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What is the use of Azure Active Directory?

Azure Active Directory is an identify and access management system. It is very much similar to the active directories. It allows you to grant your employee in accessing specific products and services within the network.

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What is the use of the Migration Assistant tool in Azure Websites?

Migration Assistant tool helps you to examine your IIS installation. It helps you to recognize which site can be migrated to the cloud. It is also featuring components which are either not migrated or unsupported on the Azure platform.

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Explain Cmdlet command of Microsoft Azure

A cmdlet is a command which is utilized as a part of the Microsoft PowerShell environment. The cmdlet is called by the Windows PowerShell to automate the scripts which are in the command line.

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What are unconnected lookups?

Unconnected lookup the input ins take by the LKP operation. In this type of lookup method, User-defined values are disregarded in the unconnected lookups.

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How many cloud service roles are provided by Azure?

Cloud service roles comprise a set of application and configuration files. There are 2 kinds of roles provided by Azure:

* Web role: This provides a dedicated web server belonging to IIS (Internet Information Services) that is used for automatic deployment and hosting of front-end websites.

* Worker role: These roles help the applications hosted within them to run asynchronously for longer durations and are independent of the user interactions and generally do not use IIS. They are also ideal for performing background processes. The applications are run in a standalone manner.

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Explain command task in Microsoft Azure

Command task is an operational window which set off the flow of either single or multiple common whiles when the system is running.

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What is the main difference between the repository and the powerhouse server?

The main difference between them is that repository servers are instead of the integrity, consistency, and uniformity while powerhouse server governs the integration of different aspects of the database repository.

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What is a web role?

A web role provides a dedicated Internet Information Services (IIS) web-server used for hosting front-end web applications.

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State the difference between repetitive and minimal monitoring.

Verbose monitoring collects metrics based on performance. It allows a close analysis of data fed during the process of application.

On the other hand, minimal monitoring is a default configuration method. It makes the user of performance counters gathered from the operating system of the host.

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Explain Diagnostics in Windows Azure

Windows Azure Diagnostic offers the facility to store diagnostic data. In Azure, some diagnostics data is stored in the table, while some are stored in a blob. The diagnostic monitor runs in Windows Azure as well as in the computer’s emulator for collecting data for a role instance.

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What are Break-fix issues in Microsoft Azure?

In, Microsoft Azure, all the technical problem is called break-fix issues. This term uses when “work involved in support a technology when it fails in the normal course of its function.

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Explain the crucial benefits of Traffic Manager

Traffic management offers many advantages for the user:

* Increase the performance
* No Downtime required for update or Maintenance
* You can easily configure Azure Traffic manager on Windows Azure portal.

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Name some important applications of Microsoft Azure

Most important application of Microsoft Azure are:

Infrastructure Services, Mobile Apps, Web Applications, Cloud Services, Storage, Media Services, etc.

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Explain the Importance of the role and how many types of roles are available in Windows Azure?

Roles are a very important concept in Windows Azure, and learning them is the base for further programming.

Three types of roles in Windows Azure are:

* Web Role: It is used to deploy website by using langue which is supported by the IIS platform customized to run the web apps.
* Worker Role: It helps you to execute the process that runs in the background.
* VM Role: It helps you to schedule the windows services and task.

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a cloud computing platform which was launched by Microsoft in Feb 2010. It is a highly flexible cloud platform that offers development, data storage, service hosting, and service management.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term referred to storing and accessing data over the internet. It doesn’t store any data on the hard disk of your personal computer. In cloud computing, you are allowed accessing data from a remote server.

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Why do we need to use Azure?

Well, Azure provides a wide array of services that helps us to create any kind of web application and host them on Azure. Azure also provides a dedicated environment for validation purposes before actually releasing the application to the target audience. The creation and configuration of virtual machines have been simpler than ever in Azure.

Azure also provides various integration and sync features for virtual directories and virtual devices. Azure also provides extensive monitoring tools that help in collecting the metrics of your application to understand how well the application performs. With the feature of virtual hard drives, it has been possible to store massive amounts of data on the cloud.

With such amazing features offered by Azure and ever-growing demand by businesses to Azure, being an Azure certified professional opens up a path for a wide range of career opportunities like being an Azure Administrator, Azure Developer, Azure Solutions Architect, etc all providing amazing pay benefits.

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