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What are the similarities between BDD and TDD?

TDD stands for Test-Driven Development, and BDD stands for Behavior Driven Development. Both are two software development techniques.

BDD and TDD are both very similar as they are both testing strategies for a software application. In both cases, the developers have to write the test before writing the code to pass the test. The second main similarity between them is in both cases; the tests can be used as part of an automated testing framework to prevent bugs.

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What is the purpose of the behavior-driven development (BDD) methodology in the real world?

Behavior Driven Development or BDD is a methodology used to understand the functionality of an application in the simple plain text representation. The primary purpose of the Behavior Driven Development framework is to make various project roles such as Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, Developers, Support Teams understand the application without diving deep into the technical aspects.

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What are the maximum numbers of scenarios that we can includ in the feature file?

In Cucumber, a feature file can contain a maximum of 10 scenarios. This number can vary from project to project and from one organization to another organization. It is the best practice to limit the number of scenarios included in the feature file.

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What do you understand by the Step Definition?

Step definition is used to map the Test Case Steps in the feature files to code. It executes the steps on Application under Test and checks the results. To execute step definition, it must match the given component in a feature.

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Name some reporting tools to be used with Cucumber?

You can use report tools like Jenkins or bamboo tool.

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What do you understand by regular expressions?

A regular expression is a pattern used to describe a certain amount of text. The most basic regular expression consists of a single literal character.

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What are the differences between Jbehave and Cucumber?

Although Cucumber and Jbehave are designed for the same purpose, the most distinctive difference between them is that Jbehave is based on stories while Cucumber is based on features.

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Define pending steps in Cucumber?

When a Step Definition’s Proc invokes the pending method, the step is marked as yellow (as with undefined ones), reminding you that you have work to do.

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Explain undefined steps in Cucumber?

When Cucumber can’t find a matching Step Definition the step gets marked as yellow, and all subsequent steps in the scenario are skipped.

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Explain successful steps in Cucumber?

When Cucumber finds a matching Step Definition it will execute it. If the block in the step definition doesn’t raise an Exception, the step is marked as successful (green).

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How can you run a selected test from a group of tests in Cucumber?

We may execute a single test from a set of tests in the Cucumber framework using the tags idea. This is found in the TestRunner file's @CucumberOptions section. With the use of the @t<agname> keyword, we may tag a scenario in the feature file. A scenario can have one or more tags within the feature file. We can separate test scenarios with the assistance of tagging. We must pass the <tagname> value within the tags argument to execute a selected test in Cucumber, and we must pass the <~tagname> value within the tags parameter to exclude a test from running.

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What is the use of glue property under the Cucumber Options tag?

Glue property is used to let the Cucumber framework identify the location of step definition files.

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What is the use of features property under the Cucumber Options tag?

Features property is used to let the Cucumber framework identify the location of the feature files.

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Difference between JBehave and Cucumber.

Despite the fact that Cucumber and JBehave have the same goal in mind, acceptance tests are two quite distinct frameworks:

* Cucumber is built on Ruby, while JBehave is a pure Java Framework.
* Cucumber is built on features, whereas JBehave is based on stories.

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What are some of the prerequisites that you should consider while building a Selenium Cucumber automation application?

We consider the following before building a Selenium Cucumber automation application:-

* Determine the type of application you'll be testing. Is it a Web app, a mobile app, or a desktop application?
* Is there a need for backend testing? Databases or SDKs, for example.
* Is it necessary to run the app through an internationalization test?
* It must include a report that allows you to track down a problem with minimal effort.
* It must be able to generate parametrization tests automatically.
* Any setup-related settings or global attributes should be defined in a config file.
* To segregate the functionality, use abstraction at every level.

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How can you run Cucumber tests parallelly?

The Cucumber JVM Parallel Plugin, which may be used with Serenity BDD, can be used to conduct parallel tests in Cucumber. The plugin will look in the src/test/resources directory for feature files. After that, it will create runners for each file.

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How can you run Cucumber tests parallelly?

Yes! Rather than just an automation technology, BDD is a set of pragmatic principles that may be used by software development teams to create better software. A team's collaboration and accountability are helped by Gherkin scenarios, which are primarily behaviour specifications. Secondarily, they serve as test cases, which can be executed manually or automatically.

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What is shift left Testing principle?

Shift-left test is a technique of software and system testing in which testing occurs earlier in the lifecycle (i.e. moved left on the project timeline). It is the first half of the maxim "Test early and often".

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How can you get colored output (cucumber results) in command prompt?

Ansicon is used to give colored output for features, Step definitions, Errors, and test results.

Download the ansicon and select 32 bit/64 bit depends upon your system configuration.

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What is the use of Step definition files?

Step definition maps the test case steps in the feature files(introduced by Given/When/Then) to code which executes and checks the outcomes from the system under test.

A step definition is analogous to a method defined in any kind of Object Oriented programming language.

Step definition is defined in ruby files under features/step_definitions/*_steps.rb".

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What are the 3 practices of BDD?

* Discovery: To begin, identify a small future change to the system - a User Story - and discuss real examples of the new capability to investigate, uncover, and agree on the details of what is needed to be done.
* Formulation: Following that, document those examples in a style that can be automated, and then check for agreement.
* Automation: Finally, implement the behaviour indicated by each documented example, beginning with an automated test to guide code development.

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What do you mean by tag in Cucumber?

Tags are the sticky notes you’ve put on pages you want to be able to find easily.

You tag a scenario by putting a word prefixed with the @ character on the line before the Scenario keyword.

If you want to tag all the scenarios in a feature at once, just tag the Feature element at the top, and all the scenarios will inherit the tag.

You can attach multiple tags to the same scenario, separated with spaces.


@adding @two @numbers

Feature: Adding


Scenario Outline: Add two numbers

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How you will comment in Cucumber?

Cucumber allows you to precede Feature and Scenario keywords with comments.

Comments will be denoted with #


# This is a feature

Feature: Adding

# This is Scenario

Scenario: Add two numbers


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Explain about and, but keywords in Cucumber?

“And” is used to combine two or more same type of action.

Cucumber steps beginning with “And” or “But” are exactly the same as all other steps.


Given one thing

And another thing

When I open my eyes

Then I see something

But I don't see something else

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What is grouping in the context of Cucumber?

Cucumber is unconcerned about the names of your step definition files or the order in which you place them. Instead of maintaining all steps in a single file, we can create steps.rb file for each major action/feature. This is referred to as grouping.

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How does the execution start in Cucumber?

Cucumber execution will begin at the support level. In support, it will first load the env.rb file, then hooks.rb, and last start executing feature file scenario steps.

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What do you mean by Test Driven Development (TDD)?

TDD is an abbreviation that stands for Test-Driven Development. This is a development practice in which the test cases are created first, followed by the code that underpins the test cases. TDD may also be used to construct automation testing. TDD takes longer to develop due to the fact that it finds fewer flaws. The TDD development practice has increased the quality of code, which is more reusable and flexible as a result. TDD also aids developers in achieving high test coverage, ranging from 90% to 100%. The sole disadvantage of TDD for developers is that they must build test cases before producing code.

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