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What is exception handling?

Exception handling in Object-Oriented Programming is the most important concept. It is used to manage errors. An exception handler help to throw errors and then catch the error in order to solve them.

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What is a wrapper class in java?

What is a static blank final variable in java?

What is a ternary operator in java?

Difference between constructors and methods in java?

Can Interfaces have a constructor in java?

From a method can we call a constructor directly in java?

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Define virtual functions.

What does the keyword virtual represented in the method definition?

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How would you describe the difference between an "is-a" and a "has-a" relationship?

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Can you use this () and super () both in a constructor?

Why is the constructor not overridden?

Can the constructor be private?

Explain how polymorphism is supported by C++.

How do procedural programming and OOP differ?

What are the different types of constructors?

What are the different types of Polymorphism?

Is an error basically the same as an exception?

Define exception handling

Can we overload the main() method in Java also give an example?

Is it possible to overload a constructor?

What are the levels of data abstraction?

What is data abstraction and how can we achieve data abstraction?

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What are the main features of OOPS?

Who is the father of OOPS?

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What are the 3 principles of OOP?

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What is a virtual function?

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What is exception handling?

What is an exception?

Explain about Tokens.

When the finalize method is used?

Is Operator overloading supported in Java?

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What are the languages come under oops concept?

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Can you please elaborate on ‘access specifiers’?

How can data abstraction be accomplished?

What is the difference between new and override?

Name the operators that cannot be overload.

Distinguish between multiple and multi-level inheritances?

What is Coupling in OOP and why it is helpful?

What is constructor chaining?

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