Give a brief view of the steps involved in backup SSAS.SSAS interview questions for experienced/SSAS Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Give a brief view of the steps involved in backup SSAS.

1. The primary step is to log in to the SSAS instance.

2. Select the database that you would like to backup by right-clicking on it.

3. Check for backup option and click on the same.

4. On selecting a path, the backup will be store in that location. If the path is not selected, it will use C drive as a default folder.
5. SSAS Database backup can also be scheduled using the below steps:

6. From SSMS, right-click on the job folder of SQL
Click on New job
7. Write a job name which is used as a job identity
8. Navigate to steps page
9. Select the option: New
After updating the Step name, Select the SSAS command option as the job type.
Update the server name.
Write the XMLA script as below:




10. Click on OK, check for schedule option, and schedule accordingly based on your requirement.

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