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How to Use the pageFlowScope Scope Within Java Code

You can access pageFlow scope from within any Java code in your application. Remember to clear the scope once you are finished.
Note: If your application uses ADF Controller, then you do not have to manually clear the scope.
To use pageFlowScope in Java code:
To get a reference to the pageFlowScope scope, use the org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.context.RequestContext. getPageFlowScope() method.
For example, to retrieve an object from the pageFlowScope scope, you might use the following Java code:

import java.util.Map;
import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.context.RequestContext;
Map pageFlowScope = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance().getPageFlowScope();
Object myObject = pageFlowScope.get("myObjectName");
To clear the pageFlowScope scope, access it and then manually clear it.
For example, you might use the following Java code to clear the scope:

RequestContext afContext = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance();

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How to Use the pageFlowScope Scope Within Java Code

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