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Describe the use of Cache false in Ajax call.

Ajax requests are always issued by default, but browsers may send responses from their cache. In order to prevent this, the cache is set to false. Cache: false can be applied to prevent caching of all future Ajax requests, irrespective of jQuery method used.

The code used for all Ajax functions is as below:


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What is the difference between ScriptManager and ScriptManagerProxy?

The difference between ScriptManager and ScriptManagerProxy is:

1. If the page contains ScriptManager control, then ScriptManagerProxy enables nested components to add service reference and script.

2. ScriptManager includes functionality that enables partial page rendering and Microsoft Ajax library.

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When should you use 'HEAD' and 'POST' in your AJAX request?

HEAD requests are similar to GET request but is used to obtain the response headers from the server. The information about the web server can be obtained using HEAD. Meta information embedded within HTTP headers can be accessed using this.

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What are the some best alternatives to AJAX?

Some of the most popular alternatives to AJAX are Ruby on Rails, XAML, Flash and SVG.

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How to return a string from an Ajax call?

A string can be obtained from an AJAX call using a promise method and a success callback.

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What is reverse Ajax?

Reverse AJAX is a methodology that is used to transfer information between a web server and a browser. Here, data is sent asynchronously from the server to the client.

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What is Ajax loading?

In AJAX loading, the server data is obtained without reloading the entire web page. This makes web page faster to operate, especially those pages that have heavy images and plug-ins.

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What is Ajax loading?

In AJAX loading, the server data is obtained without reloading the entire web page. This makes web page faster to operate, especially those pages that have heavy images and plug-ins.

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What are the most popular AJAX framework?

1. Angular JS.
2. Backbone.js
3. Prototype
4. Ext JS
5. jQuery and jQuery UI

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What is Rich Internet Application (RIA)?

An application that works similar to a desktop application and has enhanced the user interface, advanced functions and quicker response time.

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What is the full form of AJAX?

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

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What Is The Use Of Updatepanel?

Updatepanel gives us the possibility to make ASP .NET applications Ajax compatible, to update the content of a page with the aid of Partial-Page rendering. This is useful for refreshing a section of the page without refreshing the entire page.

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Which Is The Purpose For Using The Scriptmanager?

ScriptManager is used for handling every ASP.NET Ajax resource and it makes links for the client libraries in ASP.NET Ajax. This means we will be able to use UpdatePanels, PageMethods and others. Also the page request Manager and Application objects are made, they are important in the client life cycle for raising events in the ASP.NET Ajax web pages. It is also good for making proxies for calling web services asynchronously.

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Is It True That The Ajax Application Are Much Better Than The Classical Internet Applications?

Not really. What it is true is that Ajax has brought more flexibility. This flexibility also implies a higher degree of responsibility when we use Ajax for providing a better experience for the user.

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Is There Any Use Abilities Problems In Ajax?

The appearance of a page is changed very much when we used Ajax interaction to dynamically update it. Because of the dynamically changes, also the state of the page is modify and the page behavior has to be defined for the following actions :navigation, using back , slash forward, page bookmarks, URL sharing, time dependant , printing of pages.

Navigation-we have to define page refreshing, back and forward and so on .For simplifying navigation we can use a Java Script framework like Dojo.
For bookmarking or URL sharing we have Dojo.
Printing-problems may appear when the rendered pages are printed dynamically.

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Which Are The Problems That Can Be Fixed Using Ajax And What Is The Actual Meaning Of Ajax?

The technologies that represent Ajax belong to the client and they make possible an asynchronous client to server communication. When synchronous communication is involved at every event a complete round trip takes place, issue solved by using asynchronous communication.

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How Do We Manage Concurrent Request?

For managing concurrent request we can write a function or we can use Java Script closures. After code processing is finishes the call back function and the URL would pass as parameters, they are passed to the object (Ajax Interaction). These closures are good in the way that they insure the right callback function will be invoked and this will have a particular Ajax Interaction.

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Describe The Animation Extender Control And The Method By Which This Control Is Utilized?

The Animation Extender control permits you to program fluid animations to the controls that you put on the page. This control allows you to program elements that can move around the page based upon specific end user triggers (such as a button click). There are specific events available against which to program your animations. These events include “OnClick,” “OnHoverOver”, “OnHoverOut”, “OnLoad,” “OnMouseOver,” and
“OnMouseOut,” which are to be constructed as:
<ajaxtoolkit:AnimationExtender id=”ani” targetcontrolid=”anipanel” runat=”Server”>
<asp:panel id—“anipanel” runat=”server”>

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Does Java Have Support For Comet Style Server-side Push?

Current AJAX applications use polling to communicate changes data between the server and client. Some applications, such as chat applications, stock tickers, or score boards require more immediate notifications of updates to the client. Comet is an event based low latency server side push for AJAX applications. Comet communication keeps one of the two connections available to the browser open to continuously communicate events from the server to the client. A Java based solution for Comet is being developed for Glassfish on top of the Grizzly HTTP connector. See Enabling Grizzly by Jean-Francois Arcand for more details.

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How Do We Create A Thread To Do Ajax Polling?

JavaScript does not have threads. JavaScript functions are called when an event happens in a page such as the page is loaded, a mouse click, or a form element gains focus. You can create a timer using the set Timeout which takes a function name and time in milliseconds as arguments. You can then loop by calling the same function as can be seen in the JavaScript example below.

function checkForMessage() {
// start AJAX interaction with processCallback as the callback function

// callback for the request
function processCallback() {
// do post processing
setTimeout("checkForMessage()", 10000);
Notice that the checkForMessage will continue to loop indefinitely. You may want to vary the increment the interval based on activity in the page or your use cases. You may also choose to have logic that would break out of the loop based on some AJAX response processing condition.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 12:08:56

Does Java Have Support For Comet Style Server-side Push?

Current AJAX applications use polling to communicate changes data between the server and client. Some applications, such as chat applications, stock tickers, or score boards require more immediate notifications of updates to the client. Comet is an event based low latency server side push for AJAX applications. Comet communication keeps one of the two connections available to the browser open to continuously communicate events from the server to the client. A Java based solution for Comet is being developed for Glassfish on top of the Grizzly HTTP connector. See Enabling Grizzly by Jean-Francois Arcand for more details.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 12:07:48

What is the minimum version of Php that needs to be running to use Html_ajax?

The oldest PHP model I’ve absolutely examined HTML_AJAX is 4.3.eleven, however it needs to run on 4.2.zero with no troubles. (Testing reviews from PHP variations older than 4.3.eleven could be appreciated.)

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 12:07:02

How Do I Access Data From Other Domains To Create A Mashup With Java?

From your JavaScript clients you can access data in other domains if the return data is provide in JSON format. In essence you can create a JavaScript client that runs operates using data from a different server. This technique is know as JSON with Padding or JSONP. There are questions as to whether this method is secure as you are retrieving data from outside your domain and allowing it to be excuted in the context of your domain. Not all data from third parties is accessible as JSON and in some cases you may want an extra level of protection. With Java you can provide a proxy to third party services using a web component such as a servlet. This proxy can manage the communication with a third party service and provide the data to your clients in a format of your choosing. You can also cache data at your proxy and reduce trips to service. For more on using a Java proxy to create mashups see The XmlHttpProxy Client for Java.

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What is the difference between RegisterClientScriptBlock, RegisterClientScriptInclude and RegisterClientScriptResource?

Following are the functions:

RegisterClientScriptBlock – The script is specified as a string parameter.

RegisterClientScriptInclude – By setting the source attribute to a URL that point to a script file.

RegisterClientScriptResource – specifies Resource name in an assembly. The source attribute is automatically populated with a URL by a call to an HTTP handler that retrieves the named script from the assembly.

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Which request is better, Get or Post?

AJAX requests should use an HTTP GET request where the data does not change for a given URL requested.

An HTTP POST should be used when state is updated on the server. This is highly recommended for a consistent web application architecture.

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How many types of ready states in Ajax?

There are four ready states in Ajax:


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How can we handle exception handling in Ajax?

ErrorTemplate which is the child tag of Script Manager is used to handle exception handling in Ajax.

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Where Can I Find Examples Of Ajax?

While components of AJAX have been around for some time (for instance, 1999 for XMLHttpRequest), it really didn't become that popular until Google took. But Global Guide Line guide all of its viewers to learn AJAX from absolute beginner to advance level.

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What is Script Manager?

Script Manager helps manage the client side script of AJAX. Script Manager acts as a mediator as AJAX depends on JavaScript. Every page that uses AJAX has a Script Manager to enable AJAX libraries.

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Does This Mean Adaptive Path Is Anti-flash?

Not at all. Macromedia is an Adaptive Path client, and we’ve long been supporters of Flash technology. As Ajax matures, we expect that sometimes Ajax will be the better solution to a particular problem, and sometimes Flash will be the better solution. We’re also interested in exploring ways the technologies can be mixed (as in the case of Flickr, which uses both).

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What Kinds Of Applications Is Ajax Best Suited For?

We don’t know yet. Because this is a relatively new approach, our understanding of where Ajax can best be applied is still in its infancy. Sometimes the traditional web application model is the most appropriate solution to a problem.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:59:33

When Should I Use A Java Applet Instead Of Ajax?

<> Applets provide features like custom data streaming, graphic manipulation, threading, and advanced GUIs which AJAX cannot.
<> However, with the help of DHTML, the functionalities of AJAX can be extended further.
<> AJAX requires that the browser be DHTML and AJAX capable.
<> AJAX-based functionality does need to take browser differences into consideration due to which using a <> JavaScript library such as Dojo which abstracts browser differences is recommended.
<> AJAX/DHTML works well for applications where the latest browsers are used.

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Is Ajax A Technology Platform Or Is It An Architectural Style?

It’s both. Ajax is a set of technologies being used together in a particular way.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:56:53

Techniques For Asynchronous Server Communication Have Been Around For Years. What Makes Ajax A "new" Approach?

What’s new is the prominent use of these techniques in real-world applications to change the fundamental interaction model of the Web. Ajax is taking hold now because these technologies and the industry’s understanding of how to deploy them most effectively have taken time to develop.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:56:29

Is Ajax Code Cross Browser Compatible?

Not totally. Most browsers offer a native XMLHttpRequest JavaScript object, while another one (Internet Explorer) require you to get it as an ActiveX object....

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:55:57

What About Applets And Plugins?

Don't be too quick to dump your plugin or applet based portions of your application. While AJAX and DHTML can do drag and drop and other advanced user interfaces there still limitations especially when it comes to browser support. Plugins and applets have been around for a while and have been able to make AJAX like requests for years. Applets provide a great set of UI components and APIs that provide developers literally anything.

Many people disregard applets or plugins because there is a startup time to initialize the plugin and there is no guarantee that the needed version of a plugin of JVM is installed. Plugins and applets may not be as capable of manipulating the page DOM. If you are in a uniform environment or can depend on a specific JVM or plugin version being available (such as in a corporate environment) a plugin or applet solution is great.

One thing to consider is a mix of AJAX and applets or plugins. Flickr uses a ombination of AJAX interactions/DHTML for labeling pictures and user interaction and a plugin for manipulating photos and photo sets to provide a great user experience. If you design your server-side components well they can talk to both types of clients.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:55:22

Are There Any Security Issues With Ajax?

JavaScript is in plain view to the user with by selecting view source of the page. JavaScript can not access the local file system without the user's permission. An AJAX interaction can only be made with the servers-side component from which the page was loaded. A proxy pattern could be used for AJAX interactions with external services.

You need to be careful not to expose your application model in such as way that your server-side components are at risk if a nefarious user to reverse engineer your application. As with any other web application, consider using HTTPS to secure the connection when confidential information is being exchanged.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:53:58

Why Does Html_ajax Hang On Some Server Installs?

If you run into an HTML_AJAX problem only on some servers, chances are your running into a problem with output compression. If the output compression is handled in the PHP config we detect that and do the right thing, but if its done from an apache extension we have no way of knowing its going to compress the body. Some times setting HTML_AJAX::sendContentLength to false fixes the problem, but in other cases you'll need to disabled the extension for the AJAX pages.

I've also seen problems caused by debugging extensions like XDebug, disabling the extension on the server page usually fixes that. Questions dealing with Using HTML_AJAX, and general JavaScript development

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:53:18

What Is The Minimum Version Of Php That Needs To Be Running In Order To Use Html_ajax?

The oldest PHP version i've fully tested HTML_AJAX is 4.3.11, but it should run on 4.2.0 without any problems. (Testing reports from PHP versions older then 4.3.11 would be appreciated.)

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:52:56

How Do I Abort The Current Xmlhttprequest?

Just call the abort() method on the request.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:52:38

What is prerequisite for Update Panel in Ajax?

Script Manager is pre-requisite to use Update Panel controls.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:51:19

Is The Server Or The Client In Control?

It depends. With AJAX the answer is more in between. Control can be more centralized in a server-side component or as a mix of client-side and server-side controllers.

<> Centralized server-side controller - When having a more centralized controller the key is to make sure the data in client-side page is in sync with that of the server. Some applications may keep all the state on the server and push all updates to client DOM via a simple JavaScript controller.

<> Client and server-side controllers - This architecture would use JavaScript to do all presentation related control, event processing, page manipulation, and rendering of model data on the client. The server-side would be responsible for things such as business logic and pushing updated model data to the client. In this case the server would not have intimate knowledge of the presentation short of the initial page that would be sent to the client page request.

There are some use cases where an entire AJAX application can be written in a single page. Keep in mind if you choose this type of architecture that navigation and bookmarking should be considered.

Both methods are viable depending on what you are trying to accomplish. I tend to prefer spreading the control across the client and server.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:50:31

What Parts Of The Html_ajax Api Are Stable?

We don't have a list right now, but most of the API is stable as of 0.3.0. There should be no major changes at this point, though there will be lots of new additions.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:48:46

Explain Fetch API in JavaScript.

Fetch API uses to request and response objects that can be used in future whenever needed. It provides an interface for fetching resources. Fetch API uses promises that enable cleaner API. Cache API or other similar things handles the request and responses that might require you to generate your own responses programmatically.

Thus, you can now crack your interview and work as a developer in one of your dream companies by preparing from these set of question and answers to be technically sound.

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Is AJAX code cross browser compatible?

No, it is supporting cross browser compatible. If the browsers supports native XMLHttpRequest JavaScript object, then this can be used.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:47:38

What are the pre-requisites to execute AJAX applications on a server?

AJAX is a built-in functionality of .NET Framework 4.0 and AJAX application can be executed by just installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. To use extenders in your applications, you are required to install AJAX Control Toolkit and copy the AjaxControlToolkit.dll file to the Bin directory of your application.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:46:28

What parts of the Html_ajax Api are Stable?

We do not have a listing proper now, however the maximum of the API is solid as of zero.3.zero. There need to be no foremost modifications at this factor, even though there may be masses of latest additions.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:45:44

When will Html_ajax have a Stable Release?

Once all of the foremost functions are complete and the API has been examined, the roadmap offers a concept of what’s left to be completed.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:45:11

How do I test my Ajax Code?

There is a port of JUnit for consumer-aspect JavaScript referred to as JUnit.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-16 11:44:39

How do I submit a form or a part of a form without a Page Refresh?

When growing a shape, ensure that the “shape” element “onSubmit” characteristic is ready for a JavaScript feature that returns fake.

You also can put up records through associating a feature with a shape button in a comparable manner.

Note that the shape “onSubmit” characteristic remains set. If the person hits the input key withinside the textual content subject the shape may be submitted so that you nevertheless want to deal with that case.

When updating the web page it’s far encouraged to wait to ensure that the AJAX replace of the shape records changed into a success earlier than updating the records at the web page. Otherwise, the records might not be nicely replaced and the person might not recognize them. I want to offer an informative message whilst doing a partial replace and upon a successful AJAX interplay, I will then replace the web page.

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