Cloud Computing interview question set 1/Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Mention the services that are provided by Window Azure Operating System?

Window Azure provides three core services which are given as

> Compute
> Storage
> Management

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What are the characteristics of cloud architecture that separates it from traditional one?

The characteristics that makes cloud architecture above traditional architecture is

1. According to the demand cloud architecture provides the hardware requirement
2. Cloud architecture is capable of scaling the resource on demand
3. Cloud architecture is capable of managing and handling dynamic workloads without failure

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As a infrastructure as a service what are the resources that are provided by it?

IAAS ( Infrastructure As A Service) provides virtual and physical resources that are used to build a cloud. It deals with the complexities of deploying and maintaining of the services provided by this layer. Here the infrastructure is the servers, storage and other hardware systems.

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How important is the platform as a service?

Platform as a service or PAAS is an important layer in cloud computing. It provides application platform for providers. It is responsible for providing complete virtualization of the infrastructure layer and makes it work like a single server.

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What is Load Balancing in Cloud Computing?

it’s the distribution of workloads across multiple computing resources. It reduces prices related to management systems and will increase the handiness of resources. It has an advantage over different load equalization in that it will transfer masses to servers globally as hostile distributing it across native servers. In the event of an area server outage, cloud equalization delivers users to the nearest regional server.

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Which layer is to blame for user authentication in cloud computing?

IaaS layer is to blame for user authentication in cloud computing. IaaS layer is to blame for user authentication in cloud computing. IaaS could be a user based mostly system that’s to blame for authentication services like accessing, managing, and watching.

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Which delivery model is AN example of cloud computing?

Cloud Computing allows you to store and access information victimization the net. It provides 3 styles of delivery services, namely, computer code as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas), and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).

The cloud provides pay-as-you-go services for networking, storage and virtualization of information SaaS: As SaaS, it provides computer code that will be accessed through a third-party supplier with the assistance of the net SaaS: As PaaS, the cloud offers hardware and computer code tools which will be used via the net Software as a Service (SaaS) may be thought of as an example of a Cloud Computing delivery model. It’s a computer code distribution model that permits suppliers to host varied applications and provides users with their access online.

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Disadvantages of PaaS in Cloud Computing

Vendor lock-in: Development according to the particular vendor can be easy but migration to another cloud provider can be a problem.

Data privacy: Corporate data, whether can be important or not, will always be private. It should always be an insecure environment.

Synchronization of system applications: We have integrated many applications with local and on the cloud, so there is the problem of increased complexity when mixing local data with cloud data.

Most PaaS cloud providers are Salesforce, Windows Azure, and Google App Engine etc.

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Disadvantages of SaaS cloud computing layer

1) Security

Actually, data is stored in the cloud, so security may be an issue for some users. However, cloud computing is not more secure than in-house deployment.

2) Latency issue

Since data and applications are stored in the cloud at a variable distance from the end-user, there is a possibility that there may be greater latency when interacting with the application compared to local deployment. Therefore, the SaaS model is not suitable for applications whose demand response time is in milliseconds.

3) Total Dependency on the Internet

Without an internet connection, most SaaS applications are not usable.

4) Switching between SaaS vendors is difficult

Switching SaaS vendors involves the difficult and slow task of transferring the very large data files over the internet and then converting and importing them into another SaaS also.

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What is the use of API’s in cloud services?

API’s ( Application Programming Interface) is very useful in cloud platforms

< It eliminates the need to write the fully fledged programs
< It provides the instructions to make communication between one or more applications
< It allows easy creation of applications and link the cloud services with other systems

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What is the requirement of virtualization platform in implementing cloud?

The requirement of virtualization platform in implementing cloud is to

1. Manage the service level policies.
2. Cloud Operating System.
3. Virtualization platforms helps to keep the backend level and user level concepts different from each other.

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What is “ EUCALYPTUS” stands for?

“ EUCALYPTUS” stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture For Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems”

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What is meant by Edge Computing, and how is it related to the cloud?

Unlike cloud computing, edge computing is all about the physical location and issues related to latency. Cloud and edge are complementary concepts combining the strengths of a centralized system with the advantages of distributed operations at the physical location where things and people connect. Edge is very common in IoT scenarios and is very different from the cloud. Cloud has never been about location. In fact, it has always been about the independence of location. That’s why private, public hybrid and all these other terms exist
There are many edge scenarios, but one of the more popular ones is where you have cloud and edge together, and the cloud provider (like Amazon with Greengrass) controls, runs and defines the architecture for what is out at the edge.

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What are reasons that make Amazon so big?

<1> In Amazon, the backup storage of EBS volumes is maintained by inserting the snapshot facility via an API call or via a GUI interface like Elasticfox.
<2> Performance is improved by using Linux software RAID and striping across four volumes.

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Explain the security usage in the Amazon Web Services model.

AWS supports security groups.

Access is provided to create a security group for a jump box with SSH access only for port 22 open. Later, a webserver group and a database group are created. The webserver group provides 80 and 443 from around the world, but only port 22 will be vital among the jump box group. The database group allows port 3306 from the webserver group and port 22 from the jump box group. The addition of any machines to the webserver group can store in the database. No one can directly SSH to any of our boxes.

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Explain how you can vertically scale an Amazon instance.

This is one of the essential features of AWS and cloud virtualization. We spinup a newly developed large instance where we pause that instance and detach the root EBS volume from the server and discard. Later, we stop our live instance and detach its root volume connected. here, we note down the unique device ID and attach the same root volume to the new server, and we restart it again. This results in a vertically scaled Amazon instance.

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Mention the key components of AWS.

The key components of AWS are as follows:

<> Route 53: It is a DNS (Domain Name Server) web-based service platform.
<> Simple E-mail Service: Sending of e-mail is done by using a RESTFUL API call or via regular SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).
Identity and Access Management: Improvised security and identity management are provided for an AWS account.
<> Simple Storage Device (S3): It is a huge storage medium, widely used for AWS services.
<> Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): It allows on-demand computing resources for hosting applications and essentially useful for unpredictable workloads.
<> Elastic Block Stores (EBS): They are storage volumes attached to EC2 and allow the data lifespan of a single EC2.
<> CloudWatch: It is used to monitor AWS resources, and it allows administrators to view and collect keys required. Access is provided so that one can set a notification alarm in the case of trouble.

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Explain AWS.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services which is a collection of remote computing services also known as Cloud Computing. This technology is also known as IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service.

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What are the characteristics of cloud architecture that differ from traditional cloud architecture?

The characteristics are:

<> In cloud, the hardware requirement is fulfilled as per the demand created for cloud architecture.
<> Cloud architecture is capable of scaling up resources when there is a demand.
<> Cloud architecture is capable of managing and handling dynamic workloads without any point of failure.

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What is an AMI? How do we implement it?

AMI is Amazon Machine Image, which basically is a copy of your root file system. It feeds the information required to launch an instance.

We implement AMI by specifying an AMI whenever we want to launch an instance. Multiple instances can be launched from a single AMI with the same configuration.
In the case of launching instances with different configurations, we would need to launch different AMIs.

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Mention About The Top Cloud Applications Now A Days?

Top cloud computing applications include Google docs which are very fast and secure. There is also a mobile version of google docs so you can access your data from a smartphone. Pixlr and Phoenix, jaycut also are the applications used for cloud computing.

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Give A Brief Introduction Of Windows Azure Operating System.

The Windows Azure operating system is used for cloud services to be run on the Windows Azure Platform. Azure is preferred as it includes the essential features for hosting all the services in the cloud. You also get a runtime environment that consists of a Web Server, Primary Storage, Management services, load balancers among others. The Windows Azure system provides the fabric for the development and testing of services before their deployment on the Windows Azure in the cloud.

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Explain the difference between cloud and traditional data centers.

In a traditional data centre, the major drawback is the expenditure. A traditional data centre is comparatively expensive due to heating, hardware, and software issues. So, not only is the initial cost higher, but the maintenance cost is also a problem.
Cloud being scaled when there is an increase in demand. Mostly the expenditure is on the maintenance of the data centres, while these issues are not faced in cloud computing.

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Explain what is the full form and usage of “EUCALYPTUS” in cloud computing.

“EUCALYPTUS” stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems.
Eucalyptus is an open-source software infrastructure in cloud computing, which enables us to implement clusters in the cloud computing platform. The main application of eucalyptus is to build public, hybrid, and private clouds. Using this, you can produce your personalized data centre into a private cloud and leverage it to various other organizations to make the most out of it and use the functionalities offered by eucalyptus.

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How can you best secure data for transportation to the cloud?

First of all make sure that your data cannot be blocked as it moves into the cloud storage by making sure that there are absolutely no data leaks —malevolent or not, from its cloud storage. This can be easily accomplished by using a secure key.

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How can a company benefit from cloud computing?

A company can benefit from cloud computing in the following ways-

<> More secure data backup and data storage
<> Software as a service (SaaS)
<> Take advantage of powerful server capabilities without hardware
<> investment
<> Platform and OS agnostic
<> Better positioning for growth and scale
<> Increased productivity
<> Sandboxing and virtualization capabilities
<> Cost-effectiveness

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What are some large cloud providers and databases?

Following are the most used large cloud providers and databases:
– Google BigTable
– Amazon SimpleDB
– Cloud-based SQL

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For a transport in cloud how you can secure your data?

To secure your data while transporting them from one place to another, check that there is no leak with the encryption key implemented with the data you are sending.

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What is Cloud-Native

Cloud-native definition: Something is cloud-native if it is created to leverage cloud characteristics.

Those cloud characteristics are part of the original definition of cloud computing. It’s all about capabilities delivered as a service that is scalable and elastic, metered by use, service-based, ubiquitous by means of internet technologies, and shared. Sometimes people will trade off one or more of these. For example, sharing can be problematic for some, and they may accept less elasticity as a result of not enabling sharing.

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What are the differences occurred in distributed operations?

FC: Master–Slave operations
Nova: Parallel process and its shared database

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What is the usage of utility computing?

Utility computing, or The Computer Utility, is a service provisioning model in which a service provider makes computing resources and infrastructure management available to the customer as needed and charges them for specific usage rather than a flat rate
Utility computing is a plug-in managed by an organization that decides what type of services has to be deployed from the cloud. It facilitates users to pay only for what they use.

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What is the difference between scalability and elasticity?

Scalability is a characteristic of cloud computing that is used to handle the increasing workload by increasing in proportion amount of resource capacity. By the use of scalability, the architecture provides on-demand resources if the traffic is raising the requirement. Whereas, Elasticity is a characteristic that provides the concept of commissioning and decommissioning of a large amount of resource capacity dynamically. It is measured by the speed at which the resources are on-demand and the usage of the resources.

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What is the difference between cloud computing and mobile computing?

Cloud Computing is when you store your files and folders in a “cloud” on the Internet, this will give you the flexibility to access all your files and folders wherever you are in the world– but you do need a physical device with Internet access to access it.

Mobile computing is taking a physical device with you. This could be a laptop or mobile phone or some device. Mobile computing and cloud computing are somewhat analogous. Mobile computing uses the concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing provides the users with the data which they require while in mobile computing, applications run on the remote server and give the user access for storage and managing the data.

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What is the public cloud?

Be it a public or private cloud, the primary objective is to deliver services using the internet. Unlike a private cloud, public cloud services are third-party applications that can be used by anybody who wants to access them. The service may be free or be sold on demand.
Public clouds are open to people for use and deployment. For example Google and Amazon etc. The public clouds focus on a few layers like cloud application, providing infrastructure, and providing platform markets.

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What are the different versions of the cloud?

There are two primary deployment models of the cloud: Public and Private.

<> Public Cloud: The set of hardware, networking, storage, services, applications, and interfaces owned and operated by a third party for use by other companies or individuals is the public cloud. These commercial providers create a highly scalable data center that hides the details of the underlying infrastructure from the consumer. Public clouds are viable because they offer many options for computing, storage, and a rich set of other services.
<> Private Cloud: The set of hardware, networking, storage, services, applications, and interfaces owned and operated by an organization for the use of its employees, partners, or customers is the private cloud. This can be created and managed by a third party for the exclusive use of one enterprise. The private cloud is a highly controlled environment not open for public consumption. Thus, it sits behind a firewall.
<> Hybrid Cloud: Most companies use a combination of private computing resources and public services, called the hybrid cloud environment.
<> Multi-Cloud: Some companies, in addition, also use a variety of public cloud services to support the different developer and business units – called a multi-cloud environment

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Mention the different types of models used for deployment in cloud computing.

You need the perfect cloud deployment model to help you gain a competitive edge in the market. Through this, you will have access to IT resources and services that can make your business flexible and agile, both concerning volume and scale.
The different deployment models in cloud computing are:
– Private Cloud
– Public Cloud
– Community Cloud
– Hybrid Cloud

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What are the different layers that define cloud architecture?

The different layers used by cloud architecture are

>> CLC or Cloud Controller
>> Cluster Controller
>> Walrus
>> NC or Node Controller
>> SC or Storage Controller

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What are the basic characteristics of cloud computing?

>> There are four basic characteristics of cloud computing: Self-service provisioning and automatic de-provisioning.
>> Elasticity and scalability.
>> Billing self-service-based usage model. Standardized interfaces.

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What is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a form of cloud computing that provides for virtualized computing resources over the internet itself.

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What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them accessible to customers over the Internet.

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What is PaaS?

PaaS is one of the categories of cloud computing that provides a platform and environment to let the developers build apps and services over the internet. PaaS services are hosted in the cloud and are accessed by users simply through their web browsers.

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List the platforms which are used for large-scale cloud computing.

The timely processing of massive digital collections demands the use of large-scale distributed computing resources and the flexibility to customize the processing performed on the collections.
The platforms that are used for large-scale cloud computing are:
– Apache Hadoop
– MapReduce

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What are system integrators in cloud computing?

System Integrators emerged into the scene in 2006. System integration is the practice of bringing together components of a system into a whole and making sure that the system performs smoothly.
A person or a company that specializes in system integration is called a system integrator.

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How will you describe Cloud Computing as concisely and simply to a Layman?

Even though this might sound like a fundamental question, this was asked in one of the interviews. (source- Quora)
Now, you must use simple words while answering this question. Use of technical terms is not advised.
In cloud computing, ‘cloud’ refers to the internet, metaphorically. So cloud computing is a method where the internet acts as the fuel to computing services. You can now use the word- Internet-based computing.

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What are some of the popularly used cloud computing services?

Cloud computing has come to be used widely across industries. Some of the top players, in this case, are Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, and iCloud, which is exclusively for the iOs users. These are the broadly used cloud platforms. However, there are emerging cloud services available in the market.

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What are the advantages of Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing technology helps the users avail of a more extensive network of global web servers. This directly boosts the productivity and performance of the web platform and makes development efficient in terms of cost and time. Cloud computing also increments the data storage and data backup capacities of the web servers. Due to the boosted interaction between different web servers, the server capabilities are made much more powerful.

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What is the difference in cloud computing and computing for mobiles?

Mobile computing uses the same concept as cloud computing. Cloud computing becomes active with the data with the help of internet rather than individual device. It provides users with the data which they have to retrieve on demand. In mobile, the applications runs on the remote server and gives user the access for storage and manage.

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Explain different models for deployment in cloud computing?

The different deployment models in cloud computing are

> Private Cloud
> Public Cloud
> Community Cloud
> Hybrid Cloud

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What is a Cloud Technology?

A cloud is a combination of services, networks, hardware, storage, and interfaces that helps in delivering computing as a service. It broadly has three users. These are the end-user, business management user, and cloud service, provider. The end-user is the one who uses the services provided by the cloud. The responsibility of the data and the services provided by the cloud is taken by the business management user in the cloud. The one who takes care of or is responsible for the maintenance of the IT assets of the cloud is the cloud service provider. The cloud acts as a common center for its users to fulfill their computing needs.

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a new-age computer technology that is internet-based. It is the next-generation technology that utilizes web-based clouds to provide the services whenever and wherever the users need them.

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