A simple POJO example by R4R Team

Most Java applications require a persistent class representing felines. For example:

package r4r;
import java.util.Set;
import java.util.Date;

public class Student {

    private Long id; // identifier
    private Date birthdate;
    private Color color;
    private char sex;
    private float weight;
    private int litterId;

    private Student mother;
    private Set kittens = new HashSet();

    private void setId(Long id) {
    public Long getId() {
        return id;

    void setBirthdate(Date date) {
        birthdate = date;
    public Date getBirthdate() {
        return birthdate;

    void setWeight(float weight) {
        this.weight = weight;
    public float getWeight() {
        return weight;

    public Color getColor() {
        return color;
    void setColor(Color color) {
        this.color = color;

    void setSex(char sex) {
    public char getSex() {
        return sex;

    void setLitterId(int id) {
        this.litterId = id;
    public int getLitterId() {
        return litterId;

    void setMother(Student mother) {
        this.mother = mother;
    public Student getMother() {
        return mother;
    void setKittens(Set kittens) {
        this.kittens = kittens;
    public Set getKittens() {
        return kittens;
    // addKitten not needed by Hibernate
    public void addKitten(Student kitten) {
kitten.setLitterId( kittens.size() ); 
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