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What is Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?

OOP is a methodology or paradigm that provides many concepts. 

The basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming are given below: 

Classes and Objects: 

-Classes are used to specify the structure of the data. 

-They define the data type. 

-You can create any number of objects from a class. 

-Objects are the instances of classes. 


-Encapsulation is a mechanism which binds the data and associated operations together and thus hides the data from the outside world. 

-Encapsulation is also known as data hiding. 

-In C++, It is achieved using the access specifiers, i.e., public, private and protected. 


-Abstraction is used to hide the internal implementations and show only the necessary details to the outer world. 

-Data abstraction is implemented using interfaces and abstract classes in C++. 

-Some people confused about Encapsulation and abstraction, but they both are different. 

Inheritance: Inheritance is used to inherit the property of one class into another class. It facilitates you to define one class in term of another class.

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