Make your own header file in C language by R4R Team

What is header file ?

A file that are stored in bin folder with the extension of (.h)
-This file contain pre-compiled code.
-We include this file in our code by #include< headorfile.h>

Some important and famous heador file in C:
stdio.h(standard input/output)
conio.h(console input/output)

If you work on turbo C then Step to create our own header file :
-Open Notepad or any text_editor.
-Write your code or some function that was compiled successfully.
-Save this file in turbo_C/bin/ folder with named as filename.h
-Now open your code and call this file by #include< filename.h>
-Call function that you was written there.
-You can see result, Yes it correctly working.

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