Use of Strategy: read/write in Hibernate by R4R Team

When we create a application then all application need update. If we want to update the data, a read-write cache might be appropriate. By the help of this cache strategy should never be used if serializable transaction isolation level is required. If the cache is used in a JTA environment, then we need to specify the property  hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class and naming a strategy for obtaining the JTA TransactionManager. When we use another environments, then we need to ensure that the transaction is completed when Session.close() or Session.disconnect() is called. If we want to use this strategy in a cluster, then we ensure that the underlying cache implementation supports locking. The built-in cache providers do not support locking.

<class name="eg.Cater" .... >
    <cache usage="read-write"/>
    <set name="kitt" ... >
        <cache usage="read-write"/>
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