Pandas in Python by R4R Team

What Is Pandas?

-Pandas is a machine learning library in Python that provides data structures of high-level and a wide variety of tools for analysis. One of the great feature of this library is the ability to translate complex operations with data using one or two commands. Pandas have so many inbuilt methods for grouping, combining data, and filtering, as well as time-series functionality.

-All these are followed by outstanding speed indicators.

Features Of Pandas:

-Pandas make sure that the entire process of manipulating data will be easier. Support for operations such as Re-indexing, Iteration, Sorting, Aggregations, Concatenations and Visualizations are among the feature highlights of Pandas.

Where Is Pandas Used?

-Currently, there are fewer releases of pandas library which includes hundred of new features, bug fixes, enhancements, and changes in API. The improvements in pandas regards its ability to group and sort data, select best suited output for the apply method, and provides support for performing custom types operations.

-Data Analysis among everything else takes the highlight when it comes to usage of Pandas. But, Pandas when used with other libraries and tools ensure high functionality and good amount of flexibility.

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