Scikit Learn in Python by R4R Team

What Is Scikit-learn?

-It is a Standard library of Python associated with NumPy and SciPy.
-Dealing with complex data this library is the best.
-There are a lot of changes being made in this library. One modification is the cross-validation feature, providing the ability to use more than one metric. Lots of training methods like logistics regression and nearest neighbors have received some little improvements.

Features Of Scikit-Learn:

1. Cross-validation-
-There are various methods or ways to check the accuracy of supervised models on unseen data.

2. Unsupervised learning algorithms-
-Again there is a large spread of algorithms in the offering starting from clustering, factor analysis, principal component analysis to unsupervised neural networks.

3. Feature extraction-
-Useful for extracting features or words from images and text (e.g. Bag of words)

Where Is Scikit-Learn Used?

-It contain the number of algorithms that help in machine learning projects
-It also useful in Data science project.

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