Theano in Python by R4R Team

What Is Theano?
-Theano is a computational framework machine learning library in Python for computing multidimensional arrays. Theano works similar to TensorFlow, but it not as efficient as TensorFlow. Because of its inability to fit into production environments.

-Moreover, Theano can also be used on a distributed or parallel environments just similar to TensorFlow.

Features Of Theano:

-Tight integration with NumPy
-Transparent use of a GPU
-Efficient symbolic differentiation
-Speed and stability optimizations
-Dynamic C code generation
-Extensive unit-testing and self-verification

Where Is Theano Used?

-The actual syntax of Theano expressions is symbolic, which can be off putting to beginners used to normal software development. Specifically, expression are defined in the abstract sense, compiled and later actually used to make calculations.

-It was specifically designed to handle the types of computation required for large neural network algorithms used in Deep Learning. It was one of the first libraries of its kind (development started in 2007) and is considered an industry standard for Deep Learning research and development.

-Theano is being used in multiple neural network projects today and the popularity of Theano is only growing with time.

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