PyTorch in Python by R4R Team

What Is PyTorch?

-PyTorch is the largets and useful machine learning library that allow developers to perform tensor computations wan ith acceleration of GPU, creates dynamic computational graphs, and calculate gradients automatically. Other than this, PyTorch offers rich APIs for solving application issues related to neural networks.

-This machine learning library is based on Torch, which is an open source machine library implemented in C with a wrapper in Lua.

-This library is introduce in 2017, and since its inception, the library is gaining popularity and attracting an increasing number of machine learning developers.

Features Of PyTorch :
-Hybrid Front-End
-Distributed Training
-Python First
-Libraries And Tools

Where Is PyTorch Used?

-PyTorch is mostly used in such applications like natural language processing.

-It is firstly developed by Facebook artificial-intelligence research group and Ubers Pyro software for probabilistic programming is built on it.

-PyTorch is outperforming TensorFlow in multiple ways and it is gaining a lot of attention in the recent days.

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