Introduction To Linked list in Data Structure by R4R Team

Linked list :
Linked List is a linear data structure.
Unlike arrays, linked list elements are not stored at a contiguous location, and the elements are linked using pointers.

What we use to Create a Linked list:
1. Structure: To Create a Node
2. Pointer : To Connect every Node

What is Node:
Node is Physical Storage

Type of Linked List:
Basically, we can make any kind of linked list with different structure of nodes. But Most popular Linked List are:
1.Singly Linked List
2.Doubly Linked List
3.Circular Linked List

Application of Linked List:
1. Implementation of Stacks and queues
2. Implementation of graphs
3. Dynamic memory allocation
4. Performing arithmetic operations on long integers
5. Representing sparse matrices

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