Business Studies/Business Studies-[Class 11-MCQS ]-Chapter 3 Private, Public and Global Enterprises Sample Test,Sample questions

A government company is any company in which the paid up capital held by the government is not less than

1.49 percent

2.51 percent

3.50 percent

4.25 percent

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According to the Indian Companies Act 1956; a government company means; any company in which not less than _______________ of the paid up capital is held by the central government or partly by central government; and partly by one or more state governments.

1.100 percent

2.91 percent

3.75 percent

4.51 percent

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All joint ventures in India require government approvals if a foreign partner or a Non Resident Indian is involved. The approval can be obtained from which of the following?




4.Either RBI or FIPB

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All public sector units were referred to _______________; to decide whether a sick unit was to be restructured or closed down.





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Centralised control in MNC’s implies control exercised by

1. Branches

2. Subsidiaries



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Indian economy is a

1.socialist economy

2.pure market economy

3.mixed economy

4. traditional economy

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Disinvestments of PSE’s implies

1.Sale of equity shares to private sector/public

2.Closing down operations

3.Investing in new areas

4.Buying shares of PSE’s

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PSE’s are organisations owned by

1.Joint Hindu family

2. Government

3.Foreign Companies

4.Private entrepreneurs

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Reconstruction of sick public sector units is taken up by





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The funding of which of the following enterprise comes directly from the government treasury; is under an annual appropriation from the budget of the government and the revenue earned by it is also paid into the treasury?

1.Departmental undertaking

2.Statutory corporation

3.Government company


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The public sector enterprises are to invest and operate in certain spheres. Which of the following is not one of these core sectors?

1.Civil aviation

2.Power generation plants


4.Project management consultancies

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The shares of a Government Company are purchased in the name of which of the following?

1.The Indian Government

2.The President of India

3.The Chief Minister of the state; where the head office of the company lies

4.The Managing Director of the company

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Which of the following enterprises may benefit the most by an established brand name at the time of incorporation?

1.Departmental Undertaking

2.Government Company

3.Statutory corporations

4.Joint Venture

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Which of the following has the power of the Government and the considerable amount of operating flexibility of private enterprises?

1.Departmental Undertakings

2.Statutory Corporations

3.Government companies

4.All of the above

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Which of the following is true about statutory corporations?

1.Statutory corporations are public enterprises that come into existence by a special act of the parliament

2.Statutory corporations are subject to the same accounting and audit procedures as are applicable to government departments

3.Statutory enterprises are funded directly by the government treasury

4.The employees of statutory enterprises are civil servants

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Which of the following types of organisations has the capability of expansion of market territory and operates through a network of subsidiaries; branches and affiliates?



3.Public Sector enterprises

4. Private sector enterprises

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Which of the following was the first successful privatisation of a Central Public Sector Undertaking; carried out by the Government?





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