Business Studies/Direct Tax MCQ Set 2 Sample Test,Sample questions


 Additional depreciation is allowed at half the rate if the asset is used in the initial year for.

1.195 days.

2. 199 days

3.360 days.

4. less than 180 days.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:23:56

 Amount of contribution made to PM national relief fund is exempted upto _________.

1. 100%


3. 50%

4. 25%

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:00:24

 Capital expenditure on scientific research which cannot be absorbed on account of insufficiency of profit
in any accounting year can be carried forward for.

1. 16 years.

2. 8 succeeding previous years.

3.Indefinite period.

4.12 years.

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:46:30

 Deduction in respect of expenditure on advertisements through articles intended for presentation will be
allowed on the value of each article up to a limit of.

1. fully allowed.

2.Rs. 1,000 per item

3.Rs. 800 per item

4. Rs. 1,800 per item.

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:45:32

 Due date of filing of return by company assessee is____.

1.30th June.

2.31st August

3.31st July.

4.30th Sep.

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:38:42

 Embezzlement of cash in a money lending business shall be treated as.

1.. Business expenditure.

2.Revenue loss incidental to business.

3.Capital expenditure

4.Capital loss.

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:47:35

 Exempted incomes do not form part of total income of

1.Individual assessees only

2.HUF only

3.Firm and company assessees only

4.all assessee

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:22:03

 Exemption for house rent allowance is determined by.

1.Rule 24C.

2.Sec. 80C

3.Rule 2A.

4.Sec. 91.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:48:15

 Furniture held for more than 36 months, on which depreciation is allowed is

1.Long term capital asset.

2.Short term capital asset.

3. Exempted capital asset

4. not a capital asset.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:31:50

 In case of Tax free salary.

1. Tax is to be paid by employer

2.No tax is payable on such salary

3.Tax is to be paid by the employee.

4.Govt, itself pays the tax at a future date.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:38:24

 In case the dependent is suffering from a notified disease the rate of deduction u/s 80DDB is

1.. Rs. 15,000 p.a

2.Rs. 40,0000 p.a

3. Rs. 50,000 p.a

4.Rs. 1,00,000

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:11:32

 Income of Non profit seeking educational institutions, financed by government, is exempt from Income tax if its annual receipts do not exceed.

1.Rs. 50 lakhs .

2.Rs. 1 crore.

3.Rs. 5 crores.

4.Rs. 50 crores.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:29:03

 Income received by charted account by way of fees from his client is

1. salary income income

3. professional income

4. income from other sources

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:35:27

 Incomes absolutely exempt from Tax are listed under

1.Sec 2.

2.Sec 10

3.Sec 38.

4.Sec. 80c.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:23:22

 Professional tax paid by salaried assessees is allowed as a deduction

1.u/s 16 ia

2. u/s 16ii

3.u/s 16 iii

4.u/s 17 b

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:20:27

 Rebate u/s 87A is allowed to individuals upto _________.

1. Rs. 2,500

2. Rs. 3,500

3. Rs. 4,000

4. Rs. 5,000

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:31:23

 Receipt of amount on maturity of LIC Policy is.

1.A revenue receipt.

2.A capital receipt.

3.A casual receipt

4.None of the these

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:48:57

 Salary received by a member of parliament is.

1.Taxable as salary income

2.Exempt from tax sources

3.Taxable as income from other sources gain

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:39:57

 The rent fixed under the rent control act is ________



3.standard rent


Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:54:07

 Unabsorbed depreciation can be carried forward for set off.

1.for a period of four years only.

2.for a period of eight years only

3.for an unlimited number of years.

4.for a period of eighteen years only.

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:40:04

Advance tax should be paid during a financial year if such advance tax payable by the assessee exceeds.


2.Rs. 1,000.


4.Rs. 1,00,000.

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 11:05:07

An employee is deemed as a specified employee if he is a director in the company or has substantial in the company or his chargeable salary per annum exceeds.

1.Rs. 5,00,000.

2. Rs. 2,00,000

3. Rs. 1,00,000.

4.Rs. 50,000.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:04:20

Annual value is dealt in section ______.





Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:53:23

Contribution of provident fund by employer is exempted upto ____ of Salary.

1.. 9.5%



4. 50%

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:41:06

Contribution of provident fund by employer is exempted upto ____ of Salary.

1.. 9.5%



4. 50%

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:41:17

Dearness allowance is taxable in the hands of.

1. Govt employees

2.Non-Govt employees

3.All employees.

4.None of the these

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:45:00

Dearness allowance is taxable in the hands of.

1. Govt employees

2.Non-Govt employees

3.All employees.

4.None of the these

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:45:09

Deduction under 80G is allowed to _______.

1.Individuals only

2.HUF only

3.Company only

4.All assessee

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:55:44

Deductions out of gross salary under section 16 is/are _______.

1.Standard deduction

2.professional tax

3.both of the above

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:51:14

Dividends from co-operative society are.

1. Exempted.

2. Taxable

3.Partially Exempted.

4.Partially Taxable.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:33:51

Employers contribution to RPF is exempted upto.

1.10% of salary.

2.13% of salary

3.12% of salary

4. 11% of salary.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:06:31

Entertainment allowance is fully taxable allowance to _________.

1. private employees

2.Govt. employees

3. foreign employee

4.None of the above.

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:48:18

Exempted incomes are defined under section

1.15 of income tax Act.

2.18 of income tax Act

3.10 of income tax Act

4.20 of income tax Act.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:21:08

Exempted limit of HRA in non-metropolitan cities is.

1. A. 40% of salary.

2.50% of salary

3.10% of salary.

4.7.5% of salary.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:50:28

Expansion of PAN

1.Permanent Account Number

2. Person Account Number

3.Permanent Audit number

4. Permanent Assessee Number

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:25:12

For all non-corporate assessees whose accounts are subject to audit and working partners of a firm whose
accounts are subject to audit must file the return by

1.30th Sep. of AY

2.30th July of AY

3. 31st Oct. of AY

4. 30th Nov. of AY

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:19:02

For tax deducted at source, employer issues to employee.

1. Form 20.


3.Form 16

4.Form 31A.

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 11:04:20

HRA paid to an employee who is residing in his own house is

1. Fully exempted.

2.Partly taxable.

3.Fully taxable.

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:46:37

Integration of agricultural income with non agricultural income is not done for

1. Individuals




Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:19:37

Interest accumulated to PF a/c is exempted upto _________.



3. 12%


Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:42:00

Leave encashment received during service by a govt or non-govt employee is.

1. Fully exempted.

2.Partially exempted

3.Fully taxable

4.employer has to pay tax on it.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:15:00

Long term capital gain on sale of listed shares are.



3.Partially Exempted.

4.Partially Taxable.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:32:51

Lump-sum gratuity received by govt. employee is

1.fully exempted

2. fully taxable

3.partially taxable


Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:52:29

Maximum limit of amount which can be claimed as deductions under section 80C is ______.

1. Rs. 50,000


3.Rs. 2,00,000

4.. Rs. 1,50,000

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:52:13

Medical allowance received by an employee is

1.Fully taxable.

2.Partially taxable

3.Fully exempted

4.exempted upto the actual amount of expenditure

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:09:14

Monthly pension received by govt. employee is

1.fully taxable

2.fully exempted

3.partially taxable


Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:53:29

Perquisites to employees are covered in the I.T. Act 1961 under.

1. Sec 2a.

2.Sec. 17b

3. Sec 28a.

4. Sec. 36 c.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:02:21

Rate of depreciation on furniture is.

1.. 5%.



4. 20%.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:22:13

Rate of tax for long term capital gain



3. 30%


Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:10:42

Remuneration received by embassy or high commission employees of a foreign state is fully exempt from tax under.

1.Section 9a.

2.Sec 14(e)

3.Sec 10 b. (ii) to (vi)

4.Sec 20 (s).

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:24:36

Rent from a building let out for business purpose is __________ income

1. house property

2. business gain

4.other source

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:52:53

Scholarship granted is.

1. Fully exempted.

2.Fully taxable

3.Partly exempted.

4. None of these.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:26:15

Scholarship granted is.

1. Fully exempted.

2.Fully taxable

3.Partly exempted.

4. None of these.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:26:37

Scholarship granted is.

1. Fully exempted.

2.Fully taxable

3.Partly exempted.

4. None of these.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:26:52

Share of income from firm is.

1. Taxable in the hands of partner

2.Exempted in the hands of partner.

3.Exempted in the hands of firm.

4.None of the these

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:35:34

Tax benefit for senior citizen is available to an assess who has attained the age of

1.. 65 yrs

2.60 yrs

3.80 yrs

4.75 yrs

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:28:02

Tax Holiday is.

1. Income tax on holiday income.

2.Tax exemption for a specified period

3.Cancellation of tax for the entire country.

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:30:46

Taxable as income from other sources

1. Payment by the employer in kind.

2.Salary from the former employer.

3.Salary received by UNO employees

4.Leave salary.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:43:02

Taxable as income from other sources

1. Payment by the employer in kind.

2.Salary from the former employer.

3.Salary received by UNO employees

4.Leave salary.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:43:04

The statutory limit of exemption of leave encashment is.

1.Rs. 3,50.000.

2. Rs. 3,00,000

3. Rs. 5,00,000


Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:16:02

The value of Interest-free concessional loans to employees is determined on the basis of lending rates for the same purpose


2. R.B.I.

3.Central govt.

4.State govt.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:03:24

Under the income- tax act, the incidence of taxation depends on

1.The citizenship of the tax-payer.

2.The age of the taxpayer

3.The residential status of the tax-payer.

4.The gender of the taxpayer

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:39:22

University teacher is

1. Govt. employee

2.Semi Govt. employee

3.Private employee

4.undecided employee

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:05:52

Value of the car, when car is provided to an employee for official purpose and expenditure is incurred by
employer is

1.. Nil

2.Rs 1,800 p.m

3.Rs. 1,200 p.m

4. Rs. 2,000 p.m

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:51:33

Water bill issued in the name of employee but paid by employer is

1.taxable for all employees

2.exempted for all employees

3.partially taxable for all employees

4. taxable for specified employees only

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:49:37

What is the exempted limit while calculating salary under section 16 ia?

1. Rs. 40,000

2.Rs. 25,000

3. Rs. 30,000

4. Rs. 1,00,000

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 11:03:32

What is the maximum rate of tax for an individual assessee?

1.. 5%


3. 20%

4.. 30%

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:44:10

What is the notified limit for calculation of exemption of gratuity?

1.. Rs. 20,00,000

2.Rs. 10,00,000

3.Rs. 5,00,000

4.Rs. 30,00,000

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:50:33

When parents income is clubbed with minor childs income parent is eligible for exemption of the.

1.Actual income of minor or Rs. 20,000 which ever is less

2.Actual income of minor or Rs. 10,000 whichever is less.

3.Actual income of minor or Rs. 5,000 which ever is less

4.Actual income of minor or Rs. 1,500 whichever is less.

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 00:30:04

Which of the following gifts are taxable?

1.Gift in kind from relatives.

2.Gift from wife

3.Gift from son

4.Gift from employer

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:36:40

Which of the following is taxable in the hands of specified employee only?

1. Rent free house facility card facility or other conveyance facility

Posted Date:-2022-01-06 23:42:44

Which one of the following is not eligible for deduction u/s 80C?

1.Employee contributions to SPF

2. Employee contributions to URPF

3.Employee contributions to PPF

4.Employee contributions to RPF

Posted Date:-2022-01-07 01:17:27


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