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What are the elements of a SOAP message?

SOAP is just like other XML document and has the following elements:

<> Envelope: This element is defined as the mandatory root element. It translates the XML document and determines the start and end of the SOAP message.
<> Header: This element contains the optional header attributes of the message that contains specific information on the application. This element can occur multiple times and are intended to add new features and functionalities.
<> Body: This element is mandatory and contains the call and response messages. It is also defined as the child element of the envelope containing all the application derived XML data that has been exchanged as a part of the SOAP message.
<> Fault element: Errors that occur during the processing of the messages are handled by the fault element. If the error is present, then this element appears as a child element of the body. However, there can only be one fault block.

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