What Happens When You Invoke A Thread's Interrupt Method While It Is Sleeping Or Waiting?EJB interview question set 2 /EJB Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What Happens When You Invoke A Thread's Interrupt Method While It Is Sleeping Or Waiting?

When a task's interrupt() method is executed, the task enters the ready state. The next time the task enters the running state, an InterruptedException is thrown.

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Explain the difference between Context, InitialContext and Session Context.

What is EntityManager in EJB?

Are entity beans allowed to create () methods?

Can more than a single table be mapped in CMP?

How does EJB invocation take place?

What do you mean by EJBDoclet?

Is having static initializer blocks legal in EJB?

How can Enterprise JavaBeans be accessed from Active Server Pages?

What do you mean by re-entrant? Can you say that session beans as re-entrant? Can entity beans be specified as re-entrant?

Differentiate, “find a method” from “select method” in EJB ?

Define Clone?

Define Ripple Effect?

What do you mean by in-memory replication?

What Happens When You Invoke A Thread's Interrupt Method While It Is Sleeping Or Waiting?

Which Non-unicode Letter Characters May Be Used As The First Character Of An Identifier?

How Can The Checkbox Class Be Used To Create A Radio Button?

If A Method Is Declared As Protected, Where May The Method Be Accessed?

When Is The Finally Clause Of A Try-catch-finally Statement Executed?

Enlist the technologies embraced in J2EE.

When Does The Compiler Supply A Default Constructor For A Class?

How Does Multithreading Take Place On A Computer With A Single Cpu?

Which Math Method Is Used To Calculate The Absolute Value Of A Number?

What Is The Purpose Of The File Class?

What Is The Difference Between The Paint() And Repaint() Methods?

What Is The Collection Interface?

What Advantage Do Java's Layout Managers Provide Over Traditional Windowing Systems?

What An I/o Filter?

How Are The Elements Of A Gridlayout Organized?

How Is It Possible For Two String Objects With Identical Values Not To Be Equal Under The == Operator?

What do you mean by ‘Hot deployment’ ?

Define ACID Properties?

What Is The Difference Between The Jdk 1.02 Event Model And The Event-delegation Model Introduced With Jdk 1.1?

What Is The Relationship Between A Method's Throws Clause And The Exceptions That Can Be Thrown During The Method's Execution?

What Class Of Exceptions Are Generated By The Java Run-time System?

What Class Allows You To Read Objects Directly From A Stream?

What Is The Difference Between A Field Variable And A Local Variable?

Static variables in EJB should not be relied upon as they may break in clusters.Why?

Why are ejbActivate() and ejbPassivate() included for stateless session bean even though they are never required as it is a nonconversational bean?

Under What Conditions Is An Object's Finalize() Method Invoked By The Garbage Collector?

How Are This () And Super () Used With Constructors?

What Is The Difference Between A Choice And A List?

How Are The Elements Of A Gridbaglayout Organized?

Differentiate Phantom from Un-repeatable?

Differentiate Conversational from Non-conversational interactions?

How Can A Gui Component Handle Its Own Events?

What Is The Highest-level Event Class Of The Event-delegation Model?

What Restrictions Are Placed On The Values Of Each Case Of A Switch Statement?

What is the difference between JNDI context, Initial context, session context and ejb context.

How can one EJB be called from within another EJB?

Can remove () be a Stateless Session bean?

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