Can I Set Up A Connection Pool With Multiple User Ids? The Single Id We Are Forced To Use Causes Problems When Debugging The Dbms.JDBC interview question set 2/JDBC Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Can I Set Up A Connection Pool With Multiple User Ids? The Single Id We Are Forced To Use Causes Problems When Debugging The Dbms.

Since the Connection interface ( and the underlying DBMS ) requires a specific user and password, there's not much of a way around this in a pool. While you could create a different Connection for each user, most of the rationale for a pool would then be gone. Debugging is only one of several issues that arise when using pools.
However, for debugging, at least a couple of other methods come to mind. One is to log executed statements and times, which should allow you to backtrack to the user. Another method that also maintains a trail of modifications is to include user and timestamp as standard columns in your tables. In this last case, you would collect a separate user value in your program.

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