Tell me the issues that DR and BDR solve in OSPF?Routing interview question for experienced/Routing Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Tell me the issues that DR and BDR solve in OSPF?

BDR and DR solve two problems in OSPF:

* Excessive LSA flooding

* High No. of Adjacencies

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What is virtual channel?

What is Default Route?

Explain why UDP is lease favored when compared to TCP?

What is meant ARP and RARP?

What is Private IP and Public IP?

Tell algorithms OSPF demands, and what is the principle behind it?

Name the few types of LSA?

Mention what does data packets consist of?

What is silly window syndrome?

What are Digrams and Trigrams?

What are the sub modes of Global configuration mode?

What are the different modes in Router?

In configuring a router, what command must be used if you want to delete the configuration data that is stored in the NVRAM?

What is EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol)?

What causes a triggered update to reset the router hold-down timer?

Differentiate Logical Topology from Physical Topology

What are the things that can be accessed in a CISCO router’s identifying information?

Why is network segmentation a good idea when managing a large network?

What are the different types of passwords used in securing a CISCO router?

Briefly explain the conversion steps in data encapsulation.

What is autonomous system?

What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)?

What is Gateway-to-Gateway protocol?

What is NVT (Network Virtual Terminal)?

What is a Multi-homed Host?

What is Route Poisoning?

Give some benefits of LAN switching.

What are packets?

How does Hold-downs work?

What is Bandwidth?

What is Multicast?

What is HDLC?

How do you go to privileged mode? How do you switch back to user mode?

How do you depict an IP address?

What does the show protocol display?

What’s the easiest way to remotely configure a router?

Name the five OSPF packet types?

What do you mean by OSPF adjacency?

What do you mean by Link state retransmit interval?

Tell me the issues that DR and BDR solve in OSPF?

Name some advantages of using OSPF Summarization?

What are some standards supported by the Presentation layer?

Why is UDP lease favored when compared to TCP?

What is Unicast?

What are the advantages of a layered model in the networking industry?

What is subnetting?

Explain the benefits of VLANs.

What are the different IPX access lists?

How do you configure a Cisco router to route IPX?

What is a Frame Relay?

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