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What are some other programming paradigms other than OOPs?

Programming paradigms refers to the method of classification of programming languages based on their features. There are mainly two types of Programming Paradigms:

* Imperative Programming Paradigm
* Declarative Programming Paradigm

Now, these paradigms can be further classified based:

1. Imperative Programming Paradigm: Imperative programming focuses on HOW to execute program logic and defines control flow as statements that change a program state. This can be further classified as:
a) Procedural Programming Paradigm: Procedural programming specifies the steps a program must take to reach the desired state, usually read in order from top to bottom.
b) Object-Oriented Programming or OOP: Object-oriented programming (OOP) organizes programs as objects, that contain some data and have some behavior.
c) Parallel Programming: Parallel programming paradigm breaks a task into subtasks and focuses on executing them simultaneously at the same time.

2. Declarative Programming Paradigm: Declarative programming focuses on WHAT to execute and defines program logic, but not a detailed control flow. Declarative paradigm can be further classified into:
a) Logical Programming Paradigm: Logical programming paradigm is based on formal logic, which refers to a set of sentences expressing facts and rules about how to solve a problem
b) Functional Programming Paradigm: Functional programming is a programming paradigm where programs are constructed by applying and composing functions.
c) Database Programming Paradigm: Database programming model is used to manage data and information structured as fields, records, and files.

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