What are the essential applications of Power BI?Power BI interview questions for experienced/Power BI Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What are the essential applications of Power BI?

Power BI is used by the following professionals and departments:

* Project Management Office: Power BI is used by project managers to identify the current situation of various business units. It helps them to see the overall performance of the team and track the progress of various projects.
* Business and Data Analysts: Business Analysts use Power BI to analyze the raw business data at greater speeds and efficiency. They prepare the data by cleaning and transforming it based on specific requirements and prepare live reports to express the raw in the form of visual insights.
* Database Administrators: By using the PowerShell or Microsoft 365, the database administrator can increase the Power BI embedded capacity and assign the roles to different team members. With Power BI, the Database Administrators can set the passwords and decide who can access the reports and dashboards in Power BI.
* IT Professionals: IT professionals can use Power BI to create stunning visualizations and dashboards to track their performance and visualize various log files for the meetings. It also helps them to find out the areas where the team needs to work on and improve their performance.
* Reports for the consumer: With Power BI, the business user can add custom reports to various applications designed from the consumer’s perceptive. For example, you can create a report that shows your daily sales down in different countries and add it to your social media profiles, websites, and applications. This will show the consumer your product’s popularity and will motivate him to buy it.

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What are the essential applications of Power BI?

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