How would you secure data for transport in cloud?Cloud Computing interview question set 2/Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

How would you secure data for transport in cloud?

This is the most obvious question accurued in mind that if the cloud data is secure; To ensure that, check that there is no data leak with the encryption key implemented with the data you sending while the data moves from point A to point B in cloud.

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What is the Elastic BeanStalk?

What is Amazon Route53?

What is elastic IP

DB used in AWS

How can AWS vertically scale in AWS?

What is AWS lambda?

What is Amazon Machine Image - AMI?

How are target groups used to provide an additional level of redirection in Load Balancing?

What are the limitations of ELB?

Enumerate the difference between AWS Aurora vs AWS RDS?

What is Microsoft Azure?

How does AWS provide defence from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks?

What is Cloudformation’s function?

Explain the types of EC2 instances?

What are the differences between ELB, NLB, and ALB?

How is Data protection in S3 achieved?

Give architectural details for VPC - Virtual Private Cloud?

What is the difference between RTO and RPO in Cloud Computing services?

Define OpenStack?

What do you understand by the term data encapsulation?

Define Memcache and Memcached.

What are the major requirements of virtualization platforms for implementing in the cloud?

Can you name some of the Open Source Cloud Computing Platform Databases?

Explain the level of security in the cloud?

How would you secure data for transport in cloud?

What do you mean by VPN? What does it contain?

Differentiate between Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT?

What do you mean by Rate Limiting?

What is an API Gateway?

How does the Cloud Native Computing Foundation define cloud-native applications?

What are Cloud-Native Applications?

How does the Polling Agent monitor cloud usage?

How does the Resource Agent monitor the cloud usage?

How does the Monitoring Agent monitor the cloud usage?

What is the cloud usage monitor?

Why are microservices important for a true cloud environment?

What are Microservices?

What are cloud-enabling technologies?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of serverless computing?

What are serverless components in cloud computing?

What are the Cloud Storage Levels?

Describe the Cloud Computing Architecture.

Who are the Cloud service providers in a cloud ecosystem?

Who are the Direct customers in a cloud ecosystem?

Who are the Cloud Consumers in a cloud ecosystem?

Mention what is Hypervisor in cloud computing and their types?

How buffer is used to Amazon web services?

What is Amazon SQS?

In cloud what are the optimizing strategies?

Explain hybrid and community cloud?

Mention in what ways cloud architecture provide automation and performance transparency?

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