Where exactly you can store the Shell programs in the system?Shell scripting interview question part 2/Shell Scripting Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Where exactly you can store the Shell programs in the system?

They are stored in a file which is tagged as Sh (Bourne Shell)

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What is it essential to write Shell Scripts?

Can you differentiate between single quotes and double quotes?

What are Vi Editor modes available?

Difference between process and thread?

What are the types of permission at the file level in Shell?

Write a script to compare numbers?

Write down the Syntax for all the loops in Shell Scripting.

I want to create a directory such that anyone in the group can create a file and access any person’s file in it but none should be able to delete a file other than the one created by himself.

Write a shell script to get current date, time, username and current working directory.

How to connect to a remote server and execute some commands?

What are the different commands available to check the disk usage?

What are the two files of crontab command?

How many fields are present in a crontab file?

What is the Crontab?

Which four fundamental components of every file system?

How to find the status of the process?

Explain “s” permission bit in a file?

What are “c” and “b” permission fields of a file?

How do we create command aliases in a shell?

What is an inode block?

What is a super block?

What are the four fundamental components of every file system on Linux?

How do we delete all blank lines in a file?

What is the significance of $?

How will you find the total disk space used by a specific user?

Write down the syntax of “for ” loop

How will you print the login names of all users on a system?

What is the difference between grep and egrep?

How will you emulate wc –l using awk?

What will happen to my current process when I execute a command using exec?

What are the 3 standard streams in Linux?

Define “Metacharacters.”

Define “IFS.”

Name the Command used for Displaying the list of files in a directory.

Which command is helpful to forward errors to a file?

What is the difference between &/&&?

Define “Control Instructions.” How many types of control instructions are available in a Shell?

Name the three modes of operation of vi editor.

How many blocks does a file system contain?

How to create a shortcut in Linux?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shell scripting?

What command can be used to test if $a greater than 12?

Which is the Best Way To Pretty Print JSON On The Command-Line?

When should we use the “if” condition (before)?

How you will make the soft link inactive in the scripting?

Where exactly you can store the Shell programs in the system?

Why writing the Shell Scripts is important according to you?

How the break and continue in the system are different from one another in scripting?

Are you familiar with the methods that are useful in debugging a problem related to the shell script?

Tell the procedure of accessing the command line arguments from a script?

Is it possible to use a shell script to determine if the directory actually exists or not?

What is the difference between = and ==?

How to debug the problems encountered in the shell script/program?

Do you need a separate compiler to execute a Shell program?

How will you pass and access arguments to a script in Linux?

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