What is the difference between file structure and storage structure?Algorithm Interview Questions set 1/Algorithm Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What is the difference between file structure and storage structure?

The difference lies in the memory area accessed. Storage structure refers to the data structure in the memory of the computer system, whereas file structure represents the storage structure in the auxiliary memory.

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What is a queue Data Structure?

What is a doubly-linked list? Give some examples.

What is Data abstraction?

What is a postfix expression?

How does variable declaration affect memory allocation?

What is the difference between a PUSH and a POP?

Differentiate NULL and VOID

What is merge sort?

What is FIFO?

How does dynamic memory allocation help in managing data?

Are linked lists considered linear or non-linear data structures?

What are multidimensional arrays?

What is a stack?

What is hashing?

What is the interpolation search technique?

What is a recursive function?

What is a minimum spanning tree (MST)?

How does Prim’s algorithm find the spanning tree?

How does Kruskal’s algorithm work?

Differentiate between cycle, path, and circuit with reference to the Graph Data Structure.

What do you understand about the Graph Data Structure?

What are the properties of a B-Tree?

How can AVL Trees be used in various operations as compared to BST?

Explain what is bubble sort algorithm?

Mention what are the three laws of recursion algorithm?

Explain what is a recursive algorithm?

Explain what is Radix Sort algorithm?

Explain what is the difference between best case scenario and worst case scenario of an algorithm?

List out some of the commonly used cryptographic algorithms?

Explain how encryption algorithm works?

Explain how to find whether the linked list has a loop?

Explain what a “Hash Algorithm” is and what are they used for?

Explain what is Space complexity of insertion sort algorithm?

Explain what is Skip list?

Give some examples of Divide and Conquer algorithm?

What is Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm?

How do you reference all the elements in a one-dimension array?

Explain what is heap sort?

Explain whether it is possible to use binary search for linked lists?

What is a multidimensional array?

Explain how binary search works?

Explain what is time complexity of Algorithm?

What is Divide and Conquer algorithms?

What is the Complexity of Algorithm?

Are linked lists considered linear or non-linear Data Structures?

What is the difference between file structure and storage structure?

What are the broad types of data structures?

How can you differentiate between a File Structure and a Data Structure?

What do you understand about ‘Data Structures’?

What is an algorithm? What is the need for an algorithm?

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