The 10 Most Unusual Applications for the iPhone

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The 10 Most Unusual Applications for the iPhone

Every day the App Store servers are filled with dozens of new applications, most of which get lost in the gray mass of products with repetitive functionality. The most unique and commercially promoted ones, such as the HellSpin casino nz or Youtube, will occupy their niche, while the rest will remain little-known. But there is a special category of programs that are trying to gain popularity with unusual features and surprise users.

The App Store, an online service for downloading applications, where developers place their software products, appeared less than six months ago. However, during this relatively short period, its growth has reached a very impressive scale - in particular, the number of placed software reached the mark of 15 thousand units, and just recently the service celebrated 500 million active downloads. To help you navigate through this diversity, we have compiled a kind of hit parade of the most unusual and useful applications in the App Store.

10. Peeps

On the tenth line is the application Peeps, which implements the CoverFlow three-dimensional graphical user interface in the Contacts section (Contacts. app). The program will turn the address book into a full-fledged photo album with an instant call function.

9. iBlackout

The ninth place gets iBlackout, which turns the iPhone display into a bright flashlight. The application maximizes the brightness of the backlight screen and can be a good help in finding things in a dark room. The latest version contains not only a monotonically white fill but also several additional effects.

8. NervSounds

The eighth-place was awarded to NervSounds, which generates sounds unpleasant to the human ear, like glass creaking, drills squealing, chalk creaking on the chalkboard, etc. NervSounds will test the nerves of others.

7. Drunk Dialer

The seventh position was taken by the Drunk Dialer application, designed to protect drunken owners of iPhones from senseless phone calls and wasting money. The program will automatically determine the degree of intoxication of the owner by shaking his hands and will block all outgoing calls. Alas, Drunk Dialer does not prohibit sending SMS, in addition, it must be run manually just before dialing.

6. Heart Rate Monitor

An interesting idea of the developers allowed the application Heart Rate Monitor to take a sixth line of our chart. By attaching the headset earpiece or the phone microphone to the neck artery, you can find out the speed of the heartbeat. This useful tool will find its use in users who lead an active lifestyle.

5. Annoy-a-Teen

In fifth place was a protective tool against teenage bullies. Annoy-a-Teen generates an alarm sound of a certain frequency; the alarm is supposed to make teenagers run away.

4. Ocarina

The fourth position was taken by Ocarina, a simulator of the spiritual instrument of the same name, similar to the flute. The program analyzes breathing and touching the display, and depending on this synthesizes sounds of different pitch and duration. Ocarina quickly gained a leading position in the App Store, and subsequently, a portal was opened where true fans post their creations.

3. Air Mouse for iPhone

Air Mouse for iPhone is one of the "Devil's Dozen" in the charts, an app that replaces the functionality of a computer mouse. It displays two virtual buttons and a scroll wheel that mimics the physical manipulation of a real mouse. With its advanced capabilities, Air Mouse makes a great addition to your home theater.

2. SnoreMonitorSleepLab

An app with such a long name is a tool to combat snoring. The program will record snoring sounds throughout the night and analyze the level, giving the result as a graph. The use of additional items will allow you to study the snorer's behavior during sleep. The data can be printed out and shown to the doctor, who will make a more accurate diagnosis.

1. Avego

Closing the second ten is Avego, an application designed to make life easier for cab drivers and passengers. The program, using the navigation capabilities of the iPhone, will automatically find a willing cab driver, and the potential passenger, in turn, will be able to find the cab driver nearest to him. The client works in tandem with a specialized paid service, but, alas, for now only in Western Europe. Team
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