Struts 2 Interceptors List

List of the Interceptors:-

Here are the list populated for the default interceptor of struts 2 framework.

Interceptor classes are also defined using a key-value pair specified in the Struts configuration file. The names specified below come specified in struts-default.xml. If you extend the struts-default package, then you can use the names below. Otherwise, they must be defined in your package with a name-class pair specified in the <interceptors> tag.

Interceptor Name Description
Alias Interceptor alias Converts similar parameters that may be named differently between requests.
Chaining Interceptor chain Makes the previous Action's properties available to the current Action. Commonly used together with <result type="chain"> (in the previous Action).
Checkbox Interceptor checkbox Adds automatic checkbox handling code that detect an unchecked checkbox and add it as a parameter with a default (usually 'false') value. Uses a specially named hidden field to detect unsubmitted checkboxes. The default unchecked value is overridable for non-boolean value'd checkboxes.
Cookie Interceptor cookie Inject cookie with a certain configurable name / value into action. (Since 2.0.7.)
CookieProvider Interceptor cookieProvider Transfer cookies from action to response (Since 2.3.15.)
Conversion Error Interceptor conversionError Adds conversion errors from the ActionContext to the Action's field errors
Create Session Interceptor createSession Create an HttpSession automatically, useful with certain Interceptors that require a HttpSession to work properly (like the TokenInterceptor)
DebuggingInterceptor debugging Provides several different debugging screens to provide insight into the data behind the page.
DeprecationInterceptor deprecation When devMode is on, logs all unknown or deprecated settings
Execute and Wait Interceptor execAndWait Executes the Action in the background and then sends the user off to an intermediate waiting page.
Exception Interceptor exception Maps exceptions to a result.
File Upload Interceptor fileUpload An Interceptor that adds easy access to file upload support.
I18n Interceptor i18n Remembers the locale selected for a user's session.
Logger Interceptor logger Outputs the name of the Action.
Message Store Interceptor store Store and retrieve action messages / errors / field errors for action that implements ValidationAware interface into session.
Model Driven Interceptor modelDriven If the Action implements ModelDriven, pushes the getModel Result onto the Value Stack.
Scoped Model Driven Interceptor scopedModelDriven If the Action implements ScopedModelDriven, the interceptor retrieves and stores the model from a scope and sets it on the action calling setModel.
Parameters Interceptor params Sets the request parameters onto the Action.
Prepare Interceptor prepare If the Action implements Preparable, calls its prepare method.
Scope Interceptor scope Simple mechanism for storing Action state in the session or application scope.
Servlet Config Interceptor servletConfig Provide access to Maps representing HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse.
Static Parameters Interceptor staticParams Sets the struts.xml defined parameters onto the action. These are the <param> tags that are direct children of the <action> tag.
Roles Interceptor roles Action will only be executed if the user has the correct JAAS role.
Timer Interceptor timer Outputs how long the Action takes to execute (including nested Interceptors and View)
Token Interceptor token Checks for valid token presence in Action, prevents duplicate form submission.
Token Session Interceptor tokenSession Same as Token Interceptor, but stores the submitted data in session when handed an invalid token
Validation Interceptor validation Performs validation using the validators defined in action-validation.xml
Default Workflow Interceptor workflow Calls the validate method in your Action class. If Action errors are created then it returns the INPUT view.
Parameter Filter Interceptor N/A Removes parameters from the list of those available to Actions
Profiling Interceptor profiling Activate profiling through parameter
Multiselect Interceptor multiselect Like the checkbox interceptor detects that no value was selected for a field with multiple values (like a select) and adds an empty parameter