Struts 2 Introduction and Overview
Introduction/Overview of struts 2
In this Category we cover the Introduction and overview of the struts 2 framework
Features of Struts 2
There are the discussion about the various features of the framework
Advantages and disadvntages of struts 2
Here we cover some basic application examples describing the Advantages and disadvantages of struts 2
Differences between struts 1 and 2
In this section we will describe the detailed differences of struts 1 and 2

Struts 2 Introduction and Overview

Struts 2 Architecture

Struts 2 Environment setup

Struts 2 basic examples

Struts 2 configuration

Struts 2 Actions

Struts 2 Interceptors

Struts 2 result types

Struts 2 database integration

Struts 2 e-mails

Struts 2 validation framework

Struts 2 type conversions

Struts 2 localization

Struts 2 Thems and Templates

Struts 2 Exception Handling

Struts 2 Annotation

Struts 2 Tags

Struts 2 Integrations

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