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What\'s the flow of requests in Struts based applications?

Struts based applications use MVC design pattern. The flow of requests is as follows:

1. User interacts with View  written in JSP by clicking any link or by submitting any form displayed on the view.

2. As the request is generated by the user, the request is passed towards the controller which is generally written in the web.xml and struts.xml
      The request is first interact with the web.xml and the request object is created and then it is mapped the appropriate Action class associated in the struts.xml

3. Controller is responsible for passing the request to appropriate action.

4. Action is responsible for calling a function in Model which has all business logic implemented.

5. Response from the model layer is received back by the action which then passes it towards the view where user is able to see the response.

Struts is a light weight package.It consists of 5 core packages and 5 tag lig directories.

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